Herman Cain Ends His Candidacy for US President


Marred by allegations of sexual harassment, Hermain Cain, the former front runner for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2012 has ended his bid. This ends the prospect of what could have been a historical battle for the US Presidency between two African-Americans.

Mr Cain, a former pizza shop magnate, has officially “suspended” his campaign with most commentators expecting this to be the end of the road for his presidential hopes altogether. Donations are beginning to dry up and his polling figures are plummeting.

Major figures in the Republican party had endorsed Mr Cain, who like Mr Obama in the 2008 primaries did not start off as a front-runner. However, the on-going allegations of sexual misconduct, coupled with serious blunders when being interviewed on foreign affairs have proved too much.

Mr Cain now appears to be positioning himself to become an ambassador to the GOP leadership for the Tea Party Movement; what he has referred to as ‘Plan B’.

The main beneficiary of Cain dropping out is likely to be Newt Gingrich who may be able to take some extra votes from social conservatives at the expense of Mitt Romney.



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