Your 2015 General Election Candidates


Confused about who are your candidates in the upcoming election? Worry no more. Below is a list of all the candidates running in the three Southampton constituencies, as well as those running in Winchester:

Romsey and Southampton Northcurrent MP: Caroline Nokes (Conservative), majority of 4,156; 8.4%

Ian Callaghan (Green)

Sandra James (UKIP)

Ben Nicholls (Liberal Democrat)

Caroline Nokes (Conservative)

Darren Paffey (Labour)

Southampton Itchencurrent MP: John Denham (Labour), majority of 192, 0.4%

Sue Atkins (TUSC)

Eleanor Bell (Liberal Democrat)

Rowenna Davis (Labour)

Kim Rose (UKIP)

Royston Smith (Conservative)

John Spottiswoode (Green)

Southampton Testcurrent MP: Alan Whitehead (Labour), majority of 2,413; 5.5%

Chris Davis (Independent)

Adrian Ford (Liberal Democrat)

Pearline Hingston (UKIP)

Angela Mawle (Green)

Jeremy Moulton (Conservative)

Alan Whitehead (Labour)

Nick Chaffey (TUSC)

Winchestercurrent MP: Steve Brine (Conservative), majority of 3,048; 5.4%

Steve Brine (Conservative)

Mark Chaloner (Labour)

Martin Lyon (UKIP)

Jackie Porter (Liberal Democrat)

Michael Wilks (Green)


The General Election is on May 7th, 2015. For more information about the General Election is Southampton visit


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    After reading a section on the MIND website about the charity’s MEAM approach and I decided to write to people. I’d recently seen the Tories’ pledge to commit £8 billion to the NHS which, along with the LibDems policy on mental health, I think is fairly arbitrary, as I’m not sure that these key points address the issues in the report. Nor do I believe talking therapies or Mindfulness therapies make a serious long term improvement to people’s lives, especially since the MQ report clearly shows there’s no research funding into mental illness or treatments for this.

    I’m not suggesting that Mindfulness and Talk therapies don’t work and aren’t helpful, but really it’s just talking, which is nothing to do with actual scientific research into mental illness and the drugs used to treat these. Information and a video about the MQ report and the gap in research for mental health can be found website

    A response I’d received from the conservative Lord Howe about the £8 billion pledge for the NHS was that those funds would be available as and when they’d made ‘efficiency gains’ under the Five Year Forward View, which as you say pertains to services, ie more talk therapy.

    ‘Dear Mr Learman,

    Many thanks for your email.

    I have asked my colleague in Conservative Central Office to get back to you substantively on your specific query relating to mental health provision. On your query about the £8billion, this figure is not arbitrary. It is the amount of money, expressed in real terms, which, assuming realistic levels of efficiency gains, the NHS will need by 2020/21 if it is going to meet anticipated levels of demand, taking the forecasts set out in the NHS recent Five Year Forward View. The Five Year Forward View has been accepted by my Party (and I believe by Labour and the Lib Dems also) as the right basis on which to plan for healthcare provision in the next Parliament, including mental health. You will however have noted, I am sure, the substantial additional money allocated to mental health in the Chancellor’s recent Budget statement.

    Yours sincerely

    Frederick Howe’

    I realise the parties have discussed mental health and the NHS in their campaign for the election, and that charity organisations have a duty to remain impartial. However, after reading MQ report about the lack of funding and then doing some research, I did find articles about there’d been in a loss for drug manufacturers along with a story on the Health Secretary’s investment deal with JP Morgan and pharmaceutical companies to tackle dementia. Obviously, I understand dementia is a serious illness, but then investing in profit businesses and not investing into research for mental health seems like an imbalance.

    Investment and progress with the NHS might lead to better services and improvement to therapies already available to people that suffer from mental illness but the current method for treating and diagnosing mental illness seems like a guessing game for GPs which further scientific research might assist.

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