UKIP Party Profile


Name:  The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

Leader:  Nigel Farage

General Political Ideology:  Far-right nationalism, Euroskeptic and populism, believe in a free market and economic liberalism.

Key Policy: UKIP has two main agenda’s. Firstly, they wish for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.  A second objective, is to cut immigration using a quota system, similar to that of the Australian government.

Policy on NHS: Under UKIP, GP surgeries would open at least one evening per week, where it is needed. Continuing their  European stance, UKIP are tightening conditions for health migrants to the UK (for example by ensuring that migrants have an approved private health insurance as a condition of entry to the UK), this proposed tightening will save the NHS £2bn. Some of this money,  would be used  to end hospital car parking charges in England.

Policy on Economy: UKIP have promised to abolish inheritance tax, EU membership fees, foreign aid budget (except disaster relief),  HS2 and green subsidiaries that help the environment. UKIP’s new economic strategies will include an introduction of a 35p income tax rate between £42,285 and £55,000.

Policy of Housing: UKIP have proposed a change to planning laws, to protect the greenbelt and  to make it easier to build on brownfield sites.  These sites would be exempt from Stamp Duty on the first sale and VAT will be relaxed too.

Policy of Tuition Fees: Farage has proposed to scrap tuition fees for poorer students taking degrees in STEM subjects,  that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. However, social science, humanities and arts students would still have to pay fees. Unsurprisingly,  students from the EU will pay the fees as International students.




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    “Far-right nationalism”

    Seriously? Like the KKK, and the National Front, and the Nazis, and the Blackshirts?

    UKIP – “we’d introduce a global immigration policy similar to that of Australia”
    WS – “Alright Goebbels, calm it down you bloody fascists.”

    Could you honestly not find anyone who could write something balanced about them?

    Mark Marsden

    I did not say that UKIP was an extremist party in my piece. Also this account at the time, was meant to be a neutral and non-objective piece. I think
    that you have to say though that UKIP are a right wing nationalist party, that are off from centre?

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    Dan – Saying that UKIP aren’t far right because other groups are further right would be as ridiculous as saying that Sunderland isn’t northern because Newcastle is further north.

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    Stephen – If you take the three tenants of far-right politics to be authoritarianism, anti-socialism and nativism; then it just doesn’t fit for UKIP as they are libertarian, support the NHS and other public services and have no plans to stop immigration or repatriate people.

    By what definition can you assert that they are far-right nationalists? Just one item taken from their manifesto that would suggest that would be great.

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