Is Britain’s Future Right?


Most of us have now turned off the election results. The Tories won. The SNP slaughtered Scotland. Labour was utterly humiliated. The Lib Dems were annihilated out of existence. Old news. Nothing interesting here. 

Yet the political animals never sleep. They are animals constantly on the prowl.

Already are we having articles about the death of Labour. The New Statesman has argued that Labour has been defeated for at least a generation and the Guardian has published an ‘obituary’ to Labour. Perhaps that is the main story from the election; how utterly hopeless the position of the Left is in Britain (or shall I say England and Wales) at the moment.

What is interesting is that very few commentators at the moment are saying about England’s current political positioning to the Right of centre. In many swing constituencies such as Swindon, Thurrock, Portsmouth North and Dover, more than half of the vote went to a Right wing party. Even in some Labour safe seats such as Stoke-on-Trent Central and Hartlepool, the Tories and UKIP combined outperformed Labour. Up and down England, the Right won a higher percentage of the vote than the Left. That isn’t to say that people are all necessarily Right wing; many UKIPers hold very Left of centre viewpoints. Besides, how do you define someone as ‘Right wing’ or ‘Left wing’. I myself struggle to really define myself as Left wing because I would consider myself patriotic, which to Left wingers is alienating.

However, people whilst may not be Right wing, are still voting for Right of centre parties. Why is this the case? Well for one, people have moved to the Right when it comes down to social issues such as immigration, national identity, EU and welfare. Now class is a thing of the past as the jobs of the past was defined by secure jobs in industrial sectors or in a white collar middle class job.  With secure employment gone, job security is the thing of the past, because we no longer have in a sense a ‘job for life’ and insecurity caused by part time . We live in a globalised, liberal world, people see national identity as a sense of identity, pride and security. Whilst he have become more unequal, divided nation, economic inequality doesn’t equal a stronger left.

The danger for the Left is what it looks like. Its filled with an Oxbridge educated elite, which are completely out of touch with reality. The jibe that ‘the Tories are rich toffs from the shires‘ does not cut it now, since it has massively improved its diversity with women and ethnic minorities. The ‘Red Aristocracy’ being created is worse, with the sons and daughters of past Labour MPs  becoming the young things of the party. Labour doesn’t represent the people it claims to represent. It’s elitist, metropolitan views are starkly different from its constituents, who are social conservative to a certain extent. For example working class people are more likely to support the death penalty than middle class  people. With these differences in opinion between the new metropolitan liberal elites versus the old working classes, there is a real danger that the Labour party – a creature of the Twentieth Century – becomes extinct in the Twenty-First Century.

Britain, with the exception of Scotland, is set to become a Right-wing country for the next decade at least.



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    Here are just a few criticisms…

    1) ‘Labour’s elitist metropolitan views’… What are these exactly? Is being opposed to the death penalty elitist?

    2) ‘The Red Aristocricy created is worse’…. You seem to assume that, just because the conservative party have a handful of women and non-Oxbridge educated MPs that they are somehow more in touch than Labour. If you look at the statistics, 38% of Tory MPs went to Oxbridge compared to just 20% of Labour’s… but this is besides the point anyway. How going to Oxbridge makes you out of touch with society is beyond me. Going to a private school on the other hand…

    3) You tend to tar the people you talk about with the same brush…. You assume the people Labour ‘claim to represent’ are exclusively working class people.

    4) You assume you can predict the next 10 years of politics when the opinion polls predicting just one day got it completely wrong.

    and 5) Class is a thing of the past?????

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