Southampton UKIP Candidate turns to Europe: ‘Sauve-Moi L’Europe!!’


Whether it’s quoting Mein Kampf, giving away sausage rolls, or even driving, Kim Rose manages to court controversy in everything he does. Mr Rose, 58 was caught by a plain clothes officer using his mobile phone whilst driving on June 25th of last year. He was subsequently ordered to pay a £370 fine by Southampton Magistrates, after being found guilty of one count of using a mobile phone while driving.

However, Mr Rose denies these charges, instead he gives a much more interesting tale of events for the incident, picture it if you will! It is 8.22am. Kim is driving to the physiotherapist, as he does his head is nestled against a specialist neck pillow to ease any pain, and he was singing along to one of his favourite songs at the time “Paradise is Half as Nice” by Amen Corner. Regardless of whether you believe Mr Rose’s account you can’t deny if you needed help getting out of writing an assignment Kim seems like the ideal guy to turn to help you come up with a good excuse.

Perhaps, a reason why Mr Rose’s account was not believed is that this is not the first time he has been in trouble with the police. In November 2013, he was fined £600 and given three points on his license after failing to provide police with evidence relating to a charge of speeding on The Avenue road. In February, he allegedly gave away free sausage rolls at a UKIP party event in Weston, Southampton this was a breach of Electoral Commission rules.

If this was the whole story it would be comical enough, however for anyone familiar with UKIP, who Mr Rose stood for as their parliamentary Candidate in Southampton Itchen this is the story that keeps on giving. Mr Rose has stated that he is “going to be calling on the European Courts to help me out”. To better understand why this is such an interesting statement from a UKIP PPC, here’s a quote borrowed from the UKIP manifesto: they want “A Britain released from the shackles of an interfering EU”. Some people who voted for him in the recent general election will surely be disappointed about this apparent betrayal of his principles

“Going to be calling on the European Courts to help me out”

So does Mr Rose also feel that the EU is interfering too much except when it could be interfering to help him?

This seems like a dangerous double standard to take, more alarmingly if we were to believe what Mr Rose said about the EU it is very surprising he wants anything to do with it. In April this year in a hustings in Southampton Mr Rose likened the EU to Hitler, quoting from Mein Kampf that “the best way to take control over a people is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode right by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions”.

Mr Rose will now most likely take up his case to the European Court of Human Rights. To take a case to the ECHR he will have to prove that the Southampton magistrates’ decision violated his rights according to the Human Rights convention. There are 17 Articles from Article two to Article 18 which outline these human rights, these include Right to Life, Prohibition Against Torture, the Right to a Fair Trial etc.

If Mr Rose is successful in overturning his conviction then it would be quite an achievement, perhaps it would also demonstrate why there is a need for the EU. I’m sure Mr Rose would now have to agree.


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