Poll Reveals Students’ Political Leanings, And Its Not What You’d Expect.


YouGov – the market research firm which collates and interprets data on public opinion – has released the results of a poll which has revealed that students are predominantly more right-wing than the general populace on nine key economic issues.

The poll, which contrasted student opinion on policy issues against the stance of the population as a whole, found students are typically more progressive on health, climate, immigration and the EU. Perhaps unsurprisingly, reducing and abolishing tuition fees remain a cornerstone of the student agenda.

The areas where students were found to lean further to the right than the general public include: House of Lords reform; the top rate of tax; wealth tax; nationalisation; assisted dying; vivisection; wealth redistribution; minimum wage, and positive discrimination.

Student politics has long concerned itself with questions of social and economic justice and the political organisations students join at university, left or right, can develop knowledge and experience of campaigning.

The findings come in contrast to, and complicate the picture of, student politics as being dominated by overly left-wing tendencies.


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