Speaking to the Political Societies of Southampton


Why do political societies matter? According to Sonia Huda, President of the Southampton University Politics Association

I think any politics society provides a great opportunity to have open dialogue and debate on just about anything. Whether they are on the economy, social issues or an international crisises, politics societies allow us on commune with others both like minded and different.

But what do the other Political Societies think?

Southampton University Conservative Society:

The Southampton University Conservative Association (SUCA) promotes the Conservative party at a student level. Aside from this we also aim to provide opportunities for Conservative students to meet up and discuss their views with likeminded individuals and promote political debate throughout the whole university. While the next General Election is almost five years away, it is vitally important that we do not rest on our laurels between now and then! One third of the Labour controlled City Council is up for re-election in the spring of 2016, so we have much work to do supporting our local candidates. It’s important to have political societies mean our opinions are challenged and we learn more information which may change our opinion.

Johnathan Kirk, SUCA Treasurer


Southampton University Labour Society:

What makes you a student worth less than any other member of society? We in the Southampton University Labour Society don’t know either, and yet you get paid less, you’re interests are ignored as the £27,000 worth of debt proves. We campaign for student issues with the local Labour party, supporting local candidates in the upcoming council elections as well as the society leads the charge on issues such as Britain remaining in the EU. It has never been more important to have political societies as active as possible without them there is neither the same quality of debate, and even more worryingly students will be completely ignored as the last five years has proven.

James Edwards, Labour Society President


Southampton University Lib Dem Society:

The Liberal Democrat Society over the next five years will be focusing on specific campaigns such as a campaign to preserve the Human Rights act. We also try to keep the Conservatives to account for neglecting their environmental and moral responsibilities. The Liberal Democrats will be strongly opposing the direction in which this government is taking the country, while fighting for a fairer, more tolerant and more liberal Britain The society also works closely with Lib Dem candidates nearby and on pro-European campaigns. A vibrant political atmosphere at university, encouraged by the presence of political societies, ensures students don’t become disenfranchised.

Julien Poulain, Lib Dem Society President


Southampton University Young Greens Society:

The University of Southampton Young Greens is a growing political movement, and offer a chance for students to get involved and give back to their local communities. In between now and the next general election the Young Greens will be campaigning on campus on emotive issues such as fair pay etc. We are already preparing for the next general election by getting a feel for residents’ concerns.

It is crucial to have active political societies at Southampton otherwise students can become apathetic without a channel for their political concerns.

Rosie Pearce, Young Greens Co-Chair


Southampton University Marxist Society:

Soton Marxists is an affiliated member of the Marxist Student Federation as well as SUSU. We work with other Marxist societies around the UK to educate ourselves on Marxist ideas. Britain’s students have been under a Tory government that has proven that capitalism offers no future with all their austerity measures they have imposed. Unlike other societies we function in a different way rather than building up to campaigning in a general election we organise weekly discussion meetings with a wide range of topics such as Ukraine, the EU crisis etc. The best way to protect our own future interests is by joining together and supporting and organising unions. With young people being hit the hardest now is the time for us to act, hence why political societies are so important.

Mert Cal, Soton Marxists Secretary






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