Why David Cameron is My Least Favourite Man on the Planet, But Shouldn’t Have Said He’ll Resign


He’s fucked us over. It’s as simple as that.

First, he increased tuition fees meaning fewer students and those (like us) who still decided to study, get landed with insane amounts of debt. Then he’s screwed over the NHS, reducing its budget and distancing it from its founding principle of free healthcare for everybody. Now he’s behind us leaving the EU.

The chances are, from what I’ve seen online, that a large factor of the success of the Leave campaign was immigration, meaning whatever comes next, efforts will be made to further restrict movement over our borders. And as such our economy and our health care won’t even be able to benefit from foreigners coming over and providing the necessary boost.

He was stupid enough to offer a referendum to the entire country on arguably one of the most complicated and all encompassing aspects of our society. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but as a languages student I study the EU and feel I have some insight to what it offers. But how were people with no background going to make an informed decision? Through campaigning, of course, but in opening it up to be discussed, Cameron also managed to open a can of worms consisting of lies, insults and misinformation.

Obviously as a languages student this could potentially have a very big impact on me. Beforehand I was comfortably looking forward to graduating and working with the many British businesses that trade with the EU. Now I’m looking forward to moving abroad and never coming back (except maybe to watch the odd cricket match.) Although leaving will not obliterate all job opportunities, it’s not exactly going to help. Although there are many factors, it would not have been possible without David Cameron’s actions and I ultimately hold him responsible.

So, he’s resigned – which makes some sense given he campaigned of remain. But really, he shouldn’t have. As it stands his legacy is going to be bitter and resentful. He will be seen as the man that jeopardised every aspect of the country and then didn’t have the gumption to stand by his decision and see it through. More than just for his sake, he should have stayed – now he’s stepped down, who will fill his place? Boris? Given his reasons for stepping down, you would expect that it’s going to have to be one of the few Conservatives who backed Leave. Firstly this doesn’t provide all that many options meaning that his successor will probably not be the most be the most popular of figures. Secondly nobody has anything like as much experience of communicating with European Heads of State as he does.

If we have to leave, then we might as do it as well as possible and unfortunately, he’s the best chance we’ve got…


Third year Modern Languages student currently on my year abroad in Potsdam, Germany.

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