Why Michael Gove Should Be The Next Prime Minister


Michael Gove’s combination of liberal Conservative politics and experience of high office make him the ideal candidate to be our next Prime Minister. He opened his campaign with a speech which represented the sort of positive and optimistic view of Britain’s future we need, and within that vision we saw Mr Gove’s ambitions to continue and extend David Cameron’s agenda of liberal reforms.

In his plan for Brexit, we see the sort of positive, globalist ambitions that Britain must embrace to succeed in the future. Michael Gove wants Britain to use this opportunity given to us by the referendum to make our country a global player once again – a leader in science, education, business, and in every other possible aspect. He believes that we need to become an even warmer, tolerant and inclusive country than we are at the moment, and at this moment when division is striking at the very core of our society and politics is setting friend against friend, neighbour against neighbour – it is a message of tolerance and inclusiveness that we need to see.

If you believe that Britain can do better, then Michael Gove is your candidate. What we saw in his opening speech was a conviction politician discussing the reforms he so passionately wants to bring to make this country a better place. He has, in his own words, ‘a belief in human potential’, and now more than ever we need a Prime Minister with such a positive, liberal reformist agenda. Gove will strength our family of nations with a plan to treat our devolved countries with respect – a vote for Michael Gove is very much a vote for unity and togetherness.

When Mr Gove speaks of liberal reforms, when he speaks of creating a better, more tolerant, more equal society, he means it. These are not just empty words but commitments. When Michael Gove talks of renewing our democracy, of reforming our capitalist system, of creating a new relationship with the European Union and the world based on trade and cooperation, these are not just empty slogans but real, empirical commitments to the British electorate. We need a liberal reformer with the conviction to act in all of our best interests – Michael Gove is that candidate.

With six years of experience in the Cabinet, Mr Gove is well placed to step up and lead this country. In his time as Secretary of State for Education, Chief Whip and Secretary of State for Justice, he has built a record of delivering the reforms desired by the Prime Minister, and that experience means he will be a capable PM from day one – understanding exactly what the role entails. He also has the advantage of not being just another career politician – Gove is a journalist who decided to go into politics, not for career, but because he thought he could make a difference.

Not a careerist but an intellectual who became a conviction politician to help people. That is the message to take away from the Michael Gove campaign – a vote for Mr Gove is one to help the people who have suffered from our current system. A vote for Mr Gove is one for the liberal reforms we need to see in this country. A vote for Mr Gove is one for someone who worked his way from a working-class background in Aberdeen to Oxford University, to a successful career in journalism, and ultimately, to a position where he can make a difference to people and ensure that opportunity exists for every person in this country, regardless of their circumstances or their background.

In Michael Gove we have a leadership candidate who is modest enough to know his limitations. He has often spoken of his desire not to be Prime Minister, which is why many are throwing archived footage at him as a reason not to elect him leader. It is actually another reason why he would make an excellent Prime Minister. A Gove premiership would be one led by a man who knows his strengths and his weaknesses – it would be one based on teamwork, cooperation and delivering things together. Less a premiership, and more a captaincy.

A vote for Michael Gove is a vote to bring far-reaching liberal reforms to our country – to bring opportunity and its benefits to millions more in our society. A vote for Michael Gove is one to deliver a global Britain – trading and cooperating with the world. A vote for Michael Gove is one for respect, unity and tolerance – at a time when we so desperately need those values. We need a passionate, principled, compassionate Prime Minister who can build on David Cameron’s legacy of reforms. Michael Gove is the heir to that legacy, and that is why Michael Gove is the best candidate to become the next Prime Minister.


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