I Wish I Had Voted For Brexit (Part Two of Two)


For they will always resort to rebellion in the name of liberty and their ancient institutions, which will never be effaced from their memory, either by the lapse of time, or by benefits bestowed by their new master – Machiavelli, The Prince, Chapter V

Lord Ashcroft Polling revealed that the main reason people did vote for Brexit was that they believed in the principle that UK laws and UK decisions should be made/taken in the UK (immigration came second), not on the Supranational level. The location of executive and legislative powers is a fundamental concern and in turn it warrants a serious response, one the Remain campaign never clearly and adequately gave.

The Ashcroft Polls showed that the main reason people voted to stay was fear of risks; this was a constitutional referendum and thus it primarily comes down to principles, yet these Remoaners publicly take the moral high ground when their main voting reasons are bereft of principles, and mostly boil down to myopic fear, expediency and a a misguided belief that being a eurosceptic means you’re an isolationist who hates foreigners and immigration. How could they possibly feign disbelief at the result and why it happened? Furthermore the leave campaign might have been a tad unsavoury at times, but no one should be kidding themselves into thinking the official remain campaign was a great bastion of truth, decency and positivity.

The most sickening part of this Brexit Backlash is the active attempts to subvert the will of the people, by ignoring the referendum result, this has manifested itself in platitude filled protests against alleged “mob rule” (this boils down to a bunch of metropolitan snobs whining about direct democracy), odious lawsuits and silly petitions for a referendum re-run. One of the heads of this cancerous cerberus is Labour MP for Totenham David Lammy. He wants parliament to recognise the referendum as advisory and non-binding (like it is in a de jure sense), and make its own separate decision, as parliament in this country is sovereign.

Speaking in a De Facto sense though by doing this Parliament would be going against un-codified convention, as in this country we have plebiscites on constitutional matters; in such plebiscites an MP has a vote and a voice just the same as the rest of us, once the result is in, MPs then come back to parliament not as trustee representatives (funnily enough the system Edmund Burke supported) but rather as delegates set to implement what the nation voted for.

Lammy fails to understand that parliament is sovereign because of the public, not in spite of them. If he succeeds in his blocking attempts 17 million British people will see that Parliament is no longer a servant of the people but a tyrant, and a deep destabilizing and disenfranchising discontent (much worse and long lasting than any consequence Brexit could induce) would spill out onto the streets, and I even as a Remainer would join them proudly in that revolt. This is David Lammy’s most embarrassing display ever, which is saying something, considering Lammy in his infamous 13 point run on Mastermind claimed Mary Antoinette won the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics, for her and her husband’s research on radiation. It’s a shame Spectator columnist Rod Liddle’s attempt to have him replaced with a set of garden ornaments didn’t succeed.

The referendum has once again revealved a disconcerting truth about the liberal elite, they only like democracy “in moderation”, to borrow a phrase from the globalist Trilateral Commission.

My problem lies not with the Remainers who accept the referendum result. I have somehwat of a problem problem with those who have now moved on and are arguing for the soft brexit EEA option. I don’t even have a problem with the Lib Dem Policy of standing in an election with a manifesto policy of staying in the EU. My big problem is with the Remoaners who refuse to accept their loss, and thus now want to do everything in their power right now to revert Brexit before it gets into motion. There hard brexit – soft breixt is a false dichotomy. There is only true brexit.

Post Brexit conspicuous racism has unfortunately been emboldened, I wont dispute that. Speaking anecdotally in my local community there was a notable incident, however the perpetrators were Fishermen (a group who have a particularly emotional grievance with the EU due to the Common Fisheries Policy’s effect on their livelihoods), who then were condemned by the wider community for their behaviour.  This type of behaviour is shocking and shameful, but so is the large scale anti-democratic behaviour I’ve seen from the Remoaners. Both tarnish our national psyche.

The referendum has revealed a divide I wasn’t aware of prior to the referendum, and being a reluctant Remainer I now feel like I have aligned myself to a side composed of elitist whiners, who fundamentally oppose notions of people power, idealism and radical change, thus I’m wishing I had voted Brexit, as I know which side in that debate I support and it certainly isn’t the ‘Remoaners’, it has and always will be the side of Thomas Paine.

Brexit is beautiful. It gave the hubristic ‘Extreme Centre’ Tariq Ali warned us about a much deserved kick to the goolies.


Second year English and History student. Other spots: https://www.theedgesusu.co.uk/author/tom-townend/

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