US Presidential Election 2016: A Close Call?


A lot can change in the span of a few days. Only last week, it seemed as if Hilary Clinton would be the successful candidate to be sworn in and take residency in the White House. Her polls were increasing by the day as a result of enlightened retrospective evidence of Donald Trump’s alleged sexual assault allegations. However, a secure win for Clinton may not be the case.

New evidence flourished the ongoing investigation by the FBI on October 28th into Hilary Clinton’s private email servers, which may just re-establish momentum for the controversial Republican.

It all began with the FBI’s investigation into Anthony Weiner, former New York congressman, who was found exchanging sexually suggestive messages with a 15 year old girl. During the search, the FBI’s New York office discovered Weiner’s laptop contained emails addressed to his wife, Huma Abedin, which had been sent through Clinton’s server. It was later revealed that while Clinton was secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, she used a private email server in her New York home. Understandably this was highlighted as a negligent action on Clinton’s part, as handling of governmental classified information on a personal server is not safe, nor does it follow conduct.

As of Friday, FBI director James Comey told Congress that a new string of emails could be ‘pertinent’ to the investigation. This entails the search of 33,000 emails deleted by the Democrat campaign who deem them of ‘personal nature’. Comey and the FBI have no idea what the emails contain. The news comes just over a week away from the election. Although the question is, will this blunder have detrimental effects to Clinton’s campaign?

Comey gives new life to a story that has fuelled voters’ mindsets that Clinton is untrustworthy, and at such a crucial time. Arguably, the assault cases involving Trump have been recently overshadowed by the allegations against Clinton that have newly come to light, truly exaggerating the irony of politics.

The first indication of Trump reducing the gap with his Democratic rival came in last week in Florida, when a Bloomberg News poll gave him his first lead there for several weeks. Moreover, Sunday saw the release of an NBC News article that essentially tied them in Florida with Clinton at 45% and Trump at 44%. Real Clear Politics predict that Clinton is at 47.5% and Trump is at 45%. So on average, it’s still a close call, despite Trump’s confidence.

This election will all come down to the swing states. Trump must gain the public votes in Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina if he wants to seal his hopes of presidency.

With current polls there’s little certainty if Trump will pull a Brexit-style win, or whether Clinton will take what’s up for grabs.

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