Where Should You Vote?


The deadline for registering to vote, on May 22nd, 2017 is fast approaching. For students, this can often raise some issues as to where to register to vote – home or at university.

But, this actually gives students a lot of power; as they can choose which constituency (an area in the country) to vote in, in order to make the most out of their vote.

For example, say your home constituency is a ‘safe zone’ (i.e. there is a strong majority to one side) then your vote may have more impact if your university town has ‘swing seats’ (i.e. the constituency has a small majority so could easily be ‘swung’ the other way).

To help students figure this out, GE2017 have created a handy website that compares your home and university constituencies to see where your vote would have the most impact.

It calculates your voting power based on the GE2015 results, how these results have changed over time as well as the student population and the results from the EU referendum.

To find out where your vote has the most impact, check out the link: http://ge2017.com/students


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