The Future is Ours


I hereby stand before you today in what will change our mighty nation’s future forever as a vote, for me, is the greatest revolution for young people. In our Great Britain, whose symbolic scars we share, we proclaim equality between generations, yet are disillusioned by the proclamation of ‘Dieu et mon droit’ as your voice is extinguished by Mrs May. Yet you have the power to change that, as now is the age of liberation.

The likes of Clegg, Corbyn and Cameron have deprived Britain’s youth of life, liberty and political freedom as they have bestowed this abyss upon the voiceless. Although we may differ, we shall stand hand-in-hand to unite on the grounds of voting for your future. Together, the future is what we will make of it. We are destined to survive in a divided country which abandoned the mother European Union. Your voice matters and you are the ones to change that. The future is what we will make of it.

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We cannot dismiss our political failures (the likes of Blair, Brown and Thatcher). They exploited the power in a detrimental way thus rendering voters helpless. However, today is the end of this injustice as we are the revolution, and the future is what we will make of it. The foundation on which Britain stands on is encoded in her bloodline. Freedom courses through her and her children’s veins, yet you are voiceless among older generations. You have the power to make that change and that time is now. We have suffered tremendous incumbencies in our beloved Britain, repressed by the shackles placed on all of us by those of the time before. Patience is a virtue, but your time is now. Voting is your key to true liberation, so will you unlock your future?

The future is to educate us from a young age at our schools in preparation for the real world and to raise the phoenixes from within.

By bestowing this passion into the young, it shall give a voice to those who do not and incite the everyday man into a place that was once only considered for the upper class. The future is what we will make of it. Go forth and vote for your future as you are a part of a revolution. Although our nation might be mighty, she is not without her foibles.

It will be calamitous for Britain to advocate human rights to others, but refute us our human rights as a result of the EU referendum. Our forthcoming withdrawal from the EU carries obvious implications for the protection of rights and freedoms in this country, but this should not be so. Instead of honouring her own laws, Britain has omitted her children’s voices and opinions which have made us endure inferiority because of your age. We stand opposed due to the differentiation of our dreams. Once, men of different classes held the right to vote and women were opposed. Now it is you.

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The only question left now: why are you not unlocking your future in this democratic society? Our Britain cannot progress without taking your opinions into consideration as you are the future and today, let us unite in the face of adversity. We shall battle this injustice together.

Together, we will contend with the whirlwind which is hurdling our way as tomorrow is today and today we take back the future because the future is what we make of it.


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