This Week in British Politics: 1-7 January 2018


Wessex Scene will be kicking off the new year with a new weekly round up series of British politics. This is just an overview of the big stories of the week, to keep our students in the loop with what is going on in Parliament and across the UK.

Theresa May has announced she will be reshuffling her cabinet tomorrow. 

There is speculation that Justine Greening may potentially lose her role as education secretary and that a new First Secretary of State will be appointed following the sacking of Damian Green due to ‘misleading statements’ surrounding pornography found on his office computer.

Sources state that Boris Johnson, David Davis and Amber Rudd will keep their positions, but all will be confirmed tomorrow.

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Donald Trump will be visiting the UK

Theresa May has now confirmed that US President, Donald Trump, will be coming to the UK on a state visit.

The date of this visit is yet to be confirmed but May has stated that the visit will go ahead despite concern over public protests against Trump.

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Former prime minister, Tony Blair, urges Jeremy Corbyn to take an anti-Brexit stance.

The Labour party currently backs Brexit and has ruled out the possibility of a second referendum.

Tony Blair is not alone in his opinion, as many Labour councillors are also putting additional pressure on Corbyn to change his stance towards brexit.

Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, recieved a letter from a group of London councillors, who believe Labour should be the party ‘committed to providing the opportunity for people to change their minds’.

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Tories drop fox hunting manifesto pledge 

Theresa May has dropped her 2017 manifesto pledge to hold a vote on the fox hunting ban, stating that ‘there won’t be a vote on fox-hunting during this parliament’.

During the 2017 General Election, the party had promised to hold a vote on repealing the 2004 Hunting Act – which bans the hunting of wild mammals in England and Wales.

The Prime Minister stated that the decision to drop the manifesto pledge follows the public outcry against it.

Government to go green with new Northern Forest

Plans to create a Northern Forest spanning from Liverpool to Hull have been given the green light.

The plan has received upfront funding of £5.7m from the Government to achieve their aim of increasing tree coverage in the UK by up to 50 million new trees.

Overall, it is estimated that the project will cost £500m across 25 years. A large proportion of the funding needed will be raised through charities.

Research shows the UK to have one of the lowest woodland coverage rates across Europe, at only 8%.

The Woodland Trust’s Conservation Director, Austin Brady, is quoted by the BBC to have said: ‘the government’s cash contribution isn’t huge, but it will help us to unlock other funding’.

What are your thoughts on the current Tory cabinet? Should Donald Trump pay us a visit? Does Labour need to change their Brexit stance to be the strong anti-Brexit opposition?

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