This Week in British Politics: 21 – 28 January 2018


Headline-generator Donald Trump is at it again this week, this time discussing his relationship with the UK, whilst Jeremy Corbyn launched yet another ambitious new policy promise. In a wide-ranging interview with Good Morning Britain, Mr. Trump mused on his controversial tweets, and his opinions on Theresa May. That was ITV’s political foray this week, whilst BBC’s Andrew Marr quizzed Jeremy Corbyn on his social plans.

Donald Trump

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Donald Trump’s controversial visit to the United Kingdom, threatened by a mass protest, will go ahead later this year, Theresa May has confirmed. A year ago, she invited Mr Trump to the UK on a state visit, something which now looks unlikely. The divisive President’s retweet of far-right group Britain First, and ensuing criticism of Mrs May decreased this likelihood further. This was after Donald Trump had already called off a planned trip to London in February amidst the threat of protest. Nonetheless, it was revealed this week that the two countries are planning a “working” visit. Theresa May had been the first overseas world leader to greet Trump after his inauguration, with the hope of strengthening the UK-US relationship post-Brexit. She was also quick to plan a state visit, which now seems to be getting more and more unlikely as time goes on. Mr. Trump’s criticism of Sadiq Khan after the London terror attacks was merely the continuation of the downward spiral this relationship is heading down.

In a wide-ranging interview with Good Morning Britain, Donald Trump did not stand by his Britain First retweet, stating “if you’re telling me they’re horrible racist people I would certainly apologise if you would like me to do that.” Mr Trump repeated his claim that he is “the least racist person that anybody’s going to meet.” He disputed his perceived unpopularity amongst the British, telling Piers Morgan “I think I’m very popular in your country” due to the fact he gets “so much fan mail” from Brits. He also allayed fears over his relationship with the UK, saying that him and Mrs May had a “very good relationship”.

Jeremy Corbyn

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Jeremy Corbyn doubled the amount of homes Labour would pledge to the homeless this week. Labour’s policy at the 2017 general election had been to make 4,000 new homes available to rough sleepers, but he has announced that this will now be 8,000. Mr. Corbyn stated that this increase was due to the dramatic rise of homeless people in recent years. This Labour policy would see housing become available to the homeless as soon as it becomes vacant. On the Andrew Marr show, Mr. Corbyn criticised “some luxury, glistening block built plans”, and pledged a focus on “social priorities”.


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