This Week in British Politics 12-19 February 2018


UKIP sacked yet another party leader this week, Theresa May ruled out scrapping tuition fees and Jeremy Corbyn denied claims that he met with a Czech spy.

Theresa May ruled out scrapping tuition fees

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Theresa May predictably ruled out scrapping tuition fees in an interview with ITV’s “This Morning’. Mrs May insisted that scrapping fees would push up taxes and limit the number of university places.

However, she has launched a review of tuition fees and university funding. This is after Mrs May has pointed out the ‘issues’ the current system of university funding. She acknowledged that British students face ‘one of the most expensive forms of university tuition in the world.

Shadow Chancellor Angela Rayner labelled May’s review an “unnecessary waste of time”, and concluded it proof that Theresa May’s government has acknowledged “it got it wrong”.

Henry Bolton was sacked by his fellow UKIP members, in the wake of racist text messages sent by his former partner

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At a party conference in Birmingham, 63% of members voted to support a no confidence motion against Mr Bolton. 867 voted for this, and only 500 voted against.

The party’s fourth leader in 18 months was ‘removed by the democratic decision of the membership’, chairman Paul Oaken stated. This latest move by UKIP is the latest in a series of dramatic political downfalls since the departure of Nigel Farage and the EU referendum result. Mr Bolton had replaced Paul Nutgall, and had hoped to unite a party that saw its vote share fall from 12.6% to just 1.8% in 2017, but was unable to last 5 months in the job.

Jeremy Corbyn denied claims he met with a Czech spy

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Jeremy Corbyn ‘was targeted by Czech spies’ who thought he would ‘betray’ Britain, according to claims published in The Sun this week. The Labour Party labelled these claims ‘a ridiculous smear’. According to ‘secret files obtained by The Sun’, Mr Corbyn met with one Czech spy ‘at least 3 times’, and ‘briefed’ this Communist spy on an impending clampdown by British intelligence. Theresa May suggested that Mr Corbyn should be more “open and transparent” on issues such as this.


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