Political Profiles: Dominic Raab


With David Davis fleeing from his negotiating position as Secretary of State for Leaving the European Union, Dominic Raab has been parachuted in to restore unity to the Cabinet. However, the significance of his role may be declining, with the Prime Minister becoming more involved in deal-making.

It has been observed that the new Cabinet is free from the old Etonian elite, enhancing May’s status as a modernizing Tory Prime Minister.

Raab is a former lawyer, with a black belt in karate. Elected to the safe seat of Esher and Walton in 2010, Raab began to serve the government in various positions after the 2015 General Election. He has occupied the roles of Civil Liberties Minister and Housing Minister. Whilst his voting pattern has mainly consisted of loyalty to his party’s position, his stance towards the House of Lords has been more hostile. During the 2016 European Union referendum, he made the case for Britain to leave. Unlike some of his fellow Eurosceptic colleagues, Raab continues to publicly express his satisfaction with May’s leadership and Brexit proposals.


The Labour Party has attacked the decision to promote Dominic Raab to a prominent position in the cabinet, negotiating the terms of Brexit. His views that the welfare state should be reduced and his opposition to human rights and equalities are likely to alienate those of a liberal disposition. This is certainly important considering that an argument for remaining in the European Union suggests membership strengthens the rights of its citizens. The Office For National Statistics also took issue with Raab’s claims that immigration has caused house prices to rise, demanding that he present data to back up such assertions. PM Theresa May herself has previously spoken out against Rabb’s controversial remarks, scorning his categorization of feminists as ‘obnoxious bigots’. Indeed, Raab was initially sacked by May when she became Prime Minister in 2016, but his combination of loyalty and euroscepticism has allowed him to scale the ranks of government under May’s rule.

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