Help Us Boris: You’re Brexit’s Only Hope


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The Liberal Democrats have promised to cancel Brexit with no mandate. They claim that winning a general election will provide a mandate, but as Michael Deacon tells us in Tuesday’s Telegraph, a party can win a parliamentary majority with as little as 35%, a far cry from the 52% who expressed a desire to leave the European Union in 2016. 

The Liberal Democrats will never win a general election, but they may pick up a fair number of seats. They are willing to alienate the Brexit-supporting majority in order to win over the large minority of London-centric, elitist Remain-ultras who were never content with the democratic mandate won in 2016, because those who supported it were too uneducated, too old, or too northern.

Opposition parties are confident that public opinion has shifted so far that they are keen to put it to a public vote. Jeremy Corbyn has even called for a general election fifty times since January. Yet, when Boris offered the chance, cowardly Corbyn shied away, citing the threat of a no-deal Brexit if the Prime Minister were to change the election date to after the deadline of 31st October. 

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Once this threat is alleviated, Corbyn said, Labour will back an election. Corbyn unambiguously received his assurance in the Surrender Bill, which seeks to tie Boris’ hands into asking for a third pointless extension if no deal was agreed.

Yet, Corbyn and his cronies still ran scared, knowing the public is in favour of Johnson’s do-or-die approach. This Remain Parliament is a group of unruly, autocratic squatters. Their lease is over, and they are delaying the date of their reckoning until they have wrecked this Government’s attempts to deliver the will of the people. 

So long as these arrogant Remain-ultras squat in our ancient Parliament, they know that they can frame the political debate. Until they face the people in an election, the self-styled Rebel Alliance (with Scottish separatist Ian Blackford and John ‘Lynch the Tories’ McDonnell leading the charge) will continue to spread lies about Boris’ victorious Vote Leave campaign whilst covering up the criminal spending of the Remain campaigns. 

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They also smear untruths across our television screens (aided and abetted by the BBC) about their self-proclaimed divine right of kings as a backdrop for their deafness to public opinion. We live in a Parliamentary, not a direct, democracy, they shriek. Bringing the power back to our parliament is what Brexit was about, I hear them wail. This is true, but us naive Brexiteers were working under the assumption that our Parliamentarians possessed the basic human decency to acknowledge that they are our servants, paid a substantial salary to enact our will as expressed through elections and referenda. 

If you are in any doubt as to the lengths these Remain extremists will go to stop Brexit, just look at two examples from the last week. Guy Verhofstadt, the EU Parliament’s Brexit lead, who clearly didn’t learn the lessons of the unintended effects of foreign intervention in British politics from Barack Obama’s disastrous display of imperial arrogance,  spoke at the Liberal Democrats’ Bournemouth Conference last week. Speaking of empires, his words speak for themselves: 

In the world order of tomorrow […] it’s a world order that is based on Empires, China is not a nation, it’s a civilisation […] the world of tomorrow is a world of Empires, in which we Europeans and you British can only defend your interests, your way of life by doing it together in a European framework and a European Union.’

Weren’t the Brexiteers supposed to be the ones harking back to our colonial past? 

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Secondly, Xavier Bettel, the leader of Luxembourg, the tiny tax haven with a population the size of Bradford and one of the largest net recipients of the EU budget, last week had the gall to humiliate the British Prime Minister, involving the planting of fifty anti-Brexit protesters, not ten yards from Boris’ podium to drown out his words at the planned joint press conference. Boris was forced to back out of the conference, but Bettel went on to call Brexit a ‘nightmare’, ironically comparing the British negotiating tactic to holding Europeans ‘hostage for party political gains’. More astute political observers will have noticed that despite the European bureaucrats’ best efforts to belittle, Johnson did get them to inadvertently use the term ‘negotiations’ for the first time since the Withdrawal Agreement was published, signalling a softening approach. The US ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson is right when he says in the Telegraph that the way Luxembourg treated Boris reminds us why we voted out so resoundingly. 

Three years on from our vote, Brexit is no closer to being delivered; the cowardly squatters in Westminster have ensured that, and there is no end in sight. The unpatriotic hijacking of the Brexit process by Remain-ultra political elites is causing real hurt across Europe. The Polish ambassador has even suggested that his fellow countrymen living in the UK should ‘seriously consider’ returning home because of the Brexit chaos caused by those who want to disrupt a clean break from Europe. 

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It almost seems as though there is no hope. Brexit-supporting intellectuals are desperately scrambling for methods by which Boris can take us out of the EU without a deal on October 31st whilst abiding by the Surrender Act. Former PM David Cameron is in support of a second referendum to annul the first one that he lost just to make a buck. Extension after pointless extension is offered by the EU to a baying Parliament clinging on to their Euro-federalist dream. Our British democracy has been stolen, and now it seems that the only hope for this messy, elitist betrayal is for a general election to allow Boris to finally deliver the people’s mandate. 


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