Prorogation of Parliament Declared ‘Unlawful’


Disclaimer: The views expressed within this article are entirely the author’s own and are not attributable to Wessex Scene as a whole.

The UK’s Supreme Court declared on Tuesday the 24th of September that the prorogation of Parliament recommended to the Queen by Prime Minister Boris Johnson was unlawful. As a result, Parliament began sitting again as of 11.30 am on Wednesday the 25th of September.

The Court ruled that there was no reason, ‘let alone a good reason‘ for the prorogation and thus the decision has been declared void. Leaders of political parties from across the country – and, indeed, across the political spectrum – have called for Boris Johnson’s resignation (which he has said he will not do), though he has said that he accepts the Court’s decision.

So where does this leave Parliament? Firstly, we have a Government with a majority of -45. Secondly, the disunited opposition refuses to back a general election because it does not trust the Prime Minister to not break the law. Furthermore, the deadline of 31st October is swiftly approaching, for which no work seems to be being produced. Right now, I cannot see how this will be sorted, unless the Prime Minister asks the European Union for an extension or somehow – perhaps by editing Theresa May’s deal – he can provide a deal that Parliament can support.


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