Labour Manifesto 2019 – We Went Through It So You Don’t Have To


The Labour Party announced their manifesto on Thursday. The party are hoping for a bounce in the polls following the release of their manifesto in order to catch the Conservatives. Alongside their manifesto, they also released their ‘Funding Real Change‘ document, which sets out how the policies in their manifesto will be funded.

If you’re interested in having a look but can’t be bothered to read it all, don’t worry; we went through the 107 pages so that you don’t have to. Here are some points that are most likely to affect students.

The most headline-grabbing policy that the manifesto includes for students is the scrapping of tuition fees and re-introduction of maintenance grants. However, there are other policies affecting students that it is important to be aware of, such as the introduction of a Real Living Wage of £10 per hour, capped interest rates on your overdraft, free bus travel for under 25s, bringing back training bursaries for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals,  banning of zero-hour contracts and the right for workers to have flexible working hours.

The manifesto also pledges to ban unpaid internships, restore the overseas domestic workers’ visa, require employers to implement plans to eradicate the gender pay gap and stop ‘no-fault’ evictions. The party have also pledged to introduce automatic voter registration, automatically grant EU nationals the right to continue to live and work in the UK, and stop runaway rents by capping them with inflation.

Now that you’ve read about some policies that will likely affect you, below are some of the policies announced today. The full manifesto can be found here.

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Green Industrial Revolution

Economy and Energy
• Reduce the “substantial” majority of UK emissions by 2030
• £400 billion National Transformation Fund, including £250 billion to tackle climate change
• De-list any company that does not tackle the climate emergency from the London Stock Exchange

• 7,000 new offshore, and 2,000 onshore, wind turbines
• New nuclear energy power needed for energy security
• Introduce a zero-carbon standard for all new homes built
• Ban Fracking
• Introduce a windfall tax on oil companies
• Bring railways, energy and water systems, and the national grid back into public ownership

• Free bus travel for under-25s
• Reinstate 3,000 bus routes that have been cut
• Deliver Crossrail for the North
• Complete HS2 and extend it to Scotland

• Introduce a Right to Food to end food bank use within three years
• Invest in three new recyclable steel plants
• End the badger cull

Rebuilding Public Services

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• Earners over £80,000 will pay more income tax.
• Crackdown of tax avoidance
• 5% increase in public sector pay increase and above-inflation rises year-on-year

NHS & Social Care
• Increase health sector expenditure by 4.3% each year
• Provide free hospital parking for patients, staff and visitors
• £1.6 billion a year more for mental health funding
• Bring back a training bursary for nurses and other health professionals
• Abolish prescription charges in England
• Provide free social care to those who need it most, with the aim to provide it to all over 65s.

National Education Service
• Extend paid maternity leave to 12 months
• Maximum class size of 30 students in primary schools
• Scrap Key Stages 1 and 2, SATs and baseline assessments
• Close tax loopholes for private schools
• Entitle adults to free post-school training
• Abolish tuition fees
• Bring back maintenance grants

Police & Security
• Recruit 2,000 more frontline officers than the Conservatives have planned
• Work to eliminate institutional biases against BAME communities

• Restore prison officer numbers to 2010 levels
• Stop private prisons
• Reduce prison sentences for certain non-violent and non-sexual offences

Communities & Local Government
• Stop bank closures and ban ATM charges
• Stop Post Office closures and bring it back into public ownership

Fire & Rescue
• Halt the cuts to our Fire and Rescue Service
• Recruit at least 5,000 new firefighters

Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
• Deliver free at the point of use full-fibre broadband to all by 2030
• Protect free TV licences for over-75s
• Regulate safe standing in stadiums

Tackling Poverty and Inequality

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• Eradicate in-work poverty within five years by tackling the structural causes of poverty
• Reduce average full-time weekly working hours to 32
• Rapidly introduce a Real Living Wage of £10 per hour for all workers aged 16 and over
• Ban zero-hour contracts and unpaid internships
• Require breaks during shifts to be paid
• Introduce four new bank holidays

Women and Equalities
• Introduce 10 days of paid leave for domestic abuse survivors
• Make misogyny and violence against women and girls a hate crime
• Extend pay-gap reporting to BAME groups to tackle race pay discrimination
• Create an Emancipation Educational Trust to educate around migration, slavery and colonialism
• Introduce mandatory disability pay-gap reporting for all companies with over 250 employees

• End indefinite detention of migrants
• £20 million fund to support the survivors of modern slavery, people trafficking and domestic violence
• Restore the overseas domestic workers’ visa
• End the deportation of family members of people entitled to be here
• End the minimum income requirements which separate families

Social Security
• Scrap Universal Credit and introduce a new system of social security
• Scrap the benefit cap and the two-child limit
• Scrap the bedroom tax and increase Local Housing Allowance
• Stop Work Capability and PIP Assessments

• £1 billion Fire Safety Fund to stop a Grenfell-type incident ever happening again
• Build 150,000 council and social homes a year by 2024
• Stop unfair, ‘no-fault’ evictions and cap rents with inflation
• 8,000 additional homes to end rough sleeping in five years
• Give an addition £1 billion a year to councils’ homelessness services

Constitutional Issues
• End the hereditary principle in the House of Lords, working to abolish it entirely
• Reduce the voting age to 16 and automatically register everyone to vote
• Ban political donations from tax avoiders and tax-evading companies
• Stop MPs from taking paid second jobs

The Final Say on Brexit

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• Secure a sensible deal within three months that includes a UK-wide Customs Union with the EU, close Single Market alignment and dynamic alignment on workers’ rights
• Put the new deal to a referendum alongside remain within six months and implement the result

A New Internationalism

• Establish a judge-led enquiry into Britain’s alleged complicity in rendition and torture
• Immediately recognise the state of Palestine and commit to secure a two-state solution

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