How Can We Trust You?: Problems Of A Student Voter


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When I am asked the question: ‘who are you voting for?‘ my response as it stands is that I genuinely have no idea. I am not trying to dodge the question or keep my vote private. I just do not know. I constantly ask myself how can I trust a word that comes out of the two main candidate’s mouths. Neither Johnson nor Corbyn has had a right to polish their halo recently. Although there are other candidates to consider, the country is really faced with a decision between a Labour or Conservative-led government.

I will start with Johnson and his cornucopia of scandals, although it is difficult to know which one I should start with. To give a short excerpt of his various scandals, gaffes and offensive comments,  Johnson has referred to black people as ‘piccaninnies‘ with ‘watermelon smiles’, has compared Muslim women to ‘letterboxes‘ and claimed that the Libyan city of Sirte had a bright future, just once they ‘clear the dead bodies away’. If this was not enough, Johnson was recently accused of groping Charlotte Edwardes underneath the table at a dinner, an incident which his office claims to be ‘untrue‘. I could go on and on, but the pattern of disrespect and insensitivity is clear.

Equally, Corbyn has also been shrouded in mistrust and an apparent unwillingness to act in the face of discrimination. Accusations of antisemitism have rocked the Labour Party, with Corbyn accused of being slow to take action against it. In an interview with Andrew Neil, Corbyn was pressed to make an apology to the British Jewish community and refused to do so, instead expressing a desire for everyone to feel safe in society. As good a sentiment as that is, an acknowledgement of perceived wrongdoing by the party as a whole is clearly the more desirable statement of the two.

The part that really exasperates me is that I am in a position where I feel I need to vote negatively, i.e. not in favour of a candidate but against the one decide I dislike the most. There is not a Prime Ministerial candidate that shares my views or is proposing a somewhat realistic way of implementing those views and had a realistic chance of gaining office. As a result, when thinking about who to vote for I am deciding whether I would be better to split the vote away from the main parties or decide which party would be worse in government and vote to avoid them getting a majority.

So I am still in the dark with which way I am going to send my vote, all I know is I am not sure I can bring myself to vote for either of the two men stood in front of us. Maybe I will decide on voting for a smaller party. Or maybe I will have to make the most difficult decision and pick whoever I decide to be the lesser of two evils. But one thing is for sure: it is not going to be an easy choice and for all the wrong reasons.

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