Poll Results: 82% of readers think the SUSU Elections are just a popularity contest


If you’ve been following the blog over the past week or so, you’ll have noticed we have been running a poll asking students if they think the SUSU elections are a popularity contest.

The question has sparked a discussion among many students on what contributes a successful candidate, with more traditional factors such as experience, policies, and campaign methods being suggested, to more controversial ones such as the popularity or attractiveness of a candidate.

The results, while not necessarily representative of the whole student population, were interesting. They are as follows:

What do you think about these results? Please leave your comments below:


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    Although I agree with the results of the poll, with only 134 votes cast representing around 0.006% of southampton students, I think the headline is misleading

    Chris Houghton

    I’ve just been speaking to Jon about this as well on Twitter – 134 votes represents about 0.5% of the student population. This is not a terrible sample size. I think the more important question is: did members of certain ‘groups’ or certain ‘types of people’ vote more than other groups? If so, which ones? It is impossible to say without conducting further research.


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    0.006% looks far too stupid, please delete

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    The elections are too full of gimmicks and lack policies – if the elections actually had “real” candidates with policies and detailed manifestos rather than costumes, nicknames and gimmicks, would be be more inclined to move? I expect so.


    Did you read the manifestos ? There were plenty of policies and detailed manifestos on offer unfortunately the average student doesn’t seem to care about anything other than gimmicks, I think if they did we would have seen very different results.

    During campaign week I came up against very few people who cared about policies which I must say has lead to me losing a lot of faith in our generation. But what I hate even more are people who moan about a lack of policies and yet clearly made no effort to look at the manifestos, come to hustings, listen to the Surge interview with the candidates or watch the SUSU.TV meet the candidates video.

    If students gave any sign of caring about anything more than gimmicks they wouldn’t be used.

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