Weekly Poll: Will you be Attending the Sports Studies Demonstration?


There will be a protest against the closure of Sports Studies degree programmes on Thursday 25 March, at 3pm, outside the Jubilee Sports Centre. This is the date that the final decision will be made by the University.


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    I’m interested to see if anyone actually turns up. my guess is no, do people really care other than those taking the subject?

    Chris Houghton

    You make a good point – during term time I reckon it might attract a crowd of 50-100, but during the holidays? Probably not much. I wonder whether the university intended to have that meeting during the holidays to prevent protests like this?

    On another note – I’m not saying I support the removing of Sports Studies, but it’s very understandable why they’re doing it. With all the Government cuts going on almost every top university is now cutting a course.

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    Unfotunately, I will not be able to attend this. The fact that it is now Easter break means that many people who would have happily attended, now cannot. However, as I will not be there in person tomorrow, I will be showing my support by encouraging people to attend via facebook statuses and twitter. Every little bit helps!

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