Who Wants ‘Computer Face’?


Dr Michael Prager, a Botox specialist, has warned that people who spend many hours in front of a computer screen may end up getting ‘turkey neck’, saggy jowls and deep wrinkles on their forehead and around their eyes.

He emphasised the danger for the younger generation of men and women who are growing up with computers, suggesting that they would suffer these physical consequences at an earlier age than older people who constantly use computers.

He predicted that the problems caused by frequent use of computers would become much worse for our generation.

Dr Prager claimed that office workers are those more likely to show premature signs of ageing, especially if they tend to frown or squint when staring at a computer screen. This will unavoidably lead to more frown lines. Dr Prager said that those who appear to have this problem are more often women working in executive job positions in offices.

Saggy jowls are caused by sitting in one position for too long, particularly if you are looking down at a computer screen. The neck muscles shorten and eventually sag, leading to the dreaded ‘turkey neck sag’.

Dr Prager’s tips for avoiding ‘computer face’ are to place a mirror next to the computer so that you can see when you are frowning without realising and stop; to take regular breaks from the screen; and to stretch your neck muscles.

This warning about ‘computer face’ will doubtlessly make students think twice about sitting in front of the computer for five hours straight. However, when there are deadlines involved students have to make a choice between health and academics and, more often than not, academics win.


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