Soul Searching Giraffe finds Girlfriend at Last


G4G: I’m a single angolian male, 7, who has an interest in tall trees and eating leaves.
I’m seeking: a tall, long-necked, athletic female with fine legs. Must be outdoorsy.

After four years of searching the far corners of the globe, Gerald the Giraffe has finally found a girlfriend. Genevieve has travelled over 1,000 miles to be with Gerald in Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, Wraxall near Bristol.

Genevieve and Gerald at home on the farm.

The zoo keepers had been searching for a suitable mate since 2006, during which time Gerald struck up an unlikely relationship with Eddie the goat. However, Gerald should no longer get a crick in his neck as his new squeeze stands at only three feet shorter than himself.

Other potential bachelorettes were ruled out due to Blue Tongue regulations and a foot and mouth outbreak in Southern Africa.


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