Greenhouse Gases at a Worrying High


According to a UN weather report, greenhouse gases are at higher levels than ever, with methane levels increasing. British Antarctic Survey glaciologist, Dr Robert Mulvaney, explains that half the world’s methane emissions are from natural sources, the other half man-made.

He adds that the extra methane’s most probable cause is ‘a slight warming of the Arctic’, as well as ‘extra rainfall in the tropical regions’. Although methane is ‘25 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide’, it is the latter gas that is the ‘main worry’ concerning global warming as a whole.

Because of an increase in greenhouse gases, it has become even more vital to reduce our carbon footprint. Walking or public transport instead of the car and making sure our houses are sufficiently insulated are but a couple of ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as well as save money.

Despite the methane increase, a shocking 20% of the UK population are ‘uncertain about whether climate change is really happening’. Such cynicism surrounding the topic of global warming could be connected to recent severe weather conditions. This year, snow has undoubtedly been the topic of the festive season. Its almost perfect timing seems much outweighed by the mayhem it has caused on the roads and rails, and the closures it brought to schools and universities across the country.


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