Beer Helps You Lose Weight. Apparently.


Moderated drinking of beer cuts the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, and even aids weight loss, according to Spanish researchers. It has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system and a low alcohol content relative to other drinks. The beverage’s folic acid, vitamins, iron, and calcium provide the same health benefits that are already attributed to a glass of wine.

In the study, those who drank up to a pint a day did not gain weight, and many even slimmed down. It has no fat, and the calorie content is low, so the prevalence of beer bellies in pub-loving Britain is attributed to the associated fatty foods, lack of exercise and binge drinking. Although a pint may be good for you, having several isn’t. Unfortunately the study was examining the effects on Spaniards, whose Mediterranean lifestyle includes the moderate drinking of beer with tapas, rather than the binging behaviour and chips for which Britain is infamous.


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