University Recycles To Raise Money For British Heart Foundation


The dreaded weekend move is over and whilst it may have been mildly traumatic for some deciding what will fit in next year’s house and how it will get home, SUSU joined forces with Southampton City Council to recycle the unwanted waste from student houses in Southampton to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.

Moving out is always stressful saying goodbyes to flatmates, trying to dispose of that mouldy fruit at the back of the fridge and attempting to reach that cupboard above the bed which you haven’t looked in since you moved in a year ago. All in all it results in bin bags full of rubbish including many useable but unwanted items being left outside houses and ending up in landfill.

SUSU in conjunction with Southampton City Council and the British Heart Foundation are backing an initiative where the students of Southampton are asked to put unwanted clothes, books, handbags, kitchenware, CDs and DVDs in the Recycle On Your Doorstep Bags for the volunteers from the University rather than put it in bags for landfill.

Councillor Asa Thorpe, the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport at Southampton City Council’s, says; “We’re delighted to be supporting this scheme which makes such a positive contribution to increasing reuse and recycling in the City and reduces the amount of material that needs to be disposed of, which is good for the environment and saves money. The Southampton students are really contributing to their community whilst raising money for a fantastic cause.”

The bags collected get weighed and then sorted through by volunteers from the university. Anything useable or saleable gets sent to local British Heart Foundation shops in and around Southampton where the charities can sell them to raise money for their pioneering research into heart diseases.

Last year the scheme raised over £1500 for the British Heart Foundation from 989.3kg of waste. It is hoped that this will become a successful event within the Universities annual calendar giving students a chance to give something back and show themselves in a positive light within the local community. The result of how much money has been raised this year has not yet been announced, but it is hoped to beat last year’s total.


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    We collected 1500 kgs of unwanted goods and are currently waiting to find out the money raised for British Heart Foundation. Joshua Davies, SUSU E&E Officer July 2011- June 2012

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