Goodbye Kepler?


It appears that the end could be insight for the well-known Kepler telescope. Kepler has captured the imaginations of the general public in its search for another earth-like planet and many will be sad to see it go.

Its purpose was to search the surrounding area of our Milky Way for planets which stood the best chance of supporting life. It was launched in May 2009 and since then it has located over a hundred confirmed planets and identified thousands more potential ones.

Unfortunately after the failure of a second of its four wheels the telescopes control has been compromised and NASA announced on the 15th of August that it is unable to restore the telescope’s full function. They must now decide whether the damaged telescope is worth further funding or whether its days are over.

In the event of a final decision to retire the Kepler telescope, look here for articles detailing how the telescope searched for planets and explaining some mysterious questions that its mission revealed.


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