Welcome to World Space Week


Whether you have or haven’t heard of it, World Space Week is an annual worldwide event held in October (officially 4-10 October, but often celebrated in the second week of October Mon-Sun), as declared by the UN in 1999.

Every year has a theme, and this year’s theme “Space: Guiding Your Way” features the benefits of satellite navigation to society. The theme is selected by the World Space Week Association, a non-government, non-profit organisation whose all-volunteer Board of Directors includes names such as Buzz Aldrin, Bill Nye and Tom Hanks. It’s not a phrase often uttered by anyone who has ever had to endure them, but man, do I want to be in that planning meeting.

Events to celebrate World Space Week are held across the globe, including down the road from Southampton, and on the doorstep of Winchester School of Arts students, at Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.

We will be endeavouring to keep you posted with exciting space-related stories throughout the rest of the week, so keep your eyes peeled for more, and Happy World Space Week!


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