Making a Smaller Hole in Both the Planet and your Wallet: The Southampton Student Guide to Sustainability.


Welcome to Wessex Scene’s new series about how to live more sustainably in Southampton!

Being sustainable does not mean you have to make your house out of dung and travel everywhere on the back of a friendly co-operative donkey. There are ways to tread lightly on this earth, living sustainably whilst also still existing in the human world. They just require a few simple life adjustments.

However, as a student, the things that come at a cost to the planet often come at less cost to our rapidly disintegrating student loan. Not all of us can afford to spend that extra £1.50 on MCS approved tuna, and not all of us can afford to build a wind turbine on that so-called garden outside your house in Portswood.

This is why Wessex Scene’s Science and Environment section is inviting you to join us on board a green, cheap and cheerful cruise into sustainability for students. Our writers will gently guide you through the greening process, with suggestions specific to Southampton life. We will give pointers on many aspects of sustainable living, including how to eat less destructive dinners and how to reduce energy usage at home, as well as mapping you some fun cycle routes to lectures. This will not only help the planet, but also your Jesters fund by way of reducing your energy and fuel bills. If you learn where’s good to harvest berries from the common, not only will you feel a bit like Ray Mears, you’ll also no longer pay £2 for them in Waitrose.

As students we may not have a lot of money, we may also have other things that matter more to us than sustainable living. Yet, we are also supposedly the next generation of educated people.

We are far too young to get tangled in a net of consumption, with our minds closed to change.

We have brains, let’s use them to tell our feet to stop kicking the planet in the face.


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