The Top 5 Essential Pieces of Technology for the Coming Year


Being a student can be difficult and the only way many of us can make it through those long lectures and cold dark nights is to utilize the advances of modern science in the realm of technology. Here we have compiled the top 5 most essential items of technology that you will need to survive this year as a student.

  1. Headphones, the good quality kind:

Pretty much everyone owns a pair of headphones, but you’ll find that you will need to invest in a top notch pair. You won’t need to go spending a crazy amount, but it’s time to throw out those old travelling headphones your mum gave you and pick up something new. They need to be something that has very little audio leakage, unless you want to be on the receiving end of some dirty looks in the library.

  1. Kitchen Appliances:

They may not be the sexiest items on the list but they are definitely essential if you want to make it through the year. Student houses and accommodation won’t be providing electrical appliances due to legal regulations so unless your predecessor has left behind his unwanted goods, you’ll need to plan a trip to Wilkos. On your list you should definitely include a kettle, microwave and toaster. Anything else is down to personal preference, you can always chance your luck and hope your flatmates have some appliances to bring (and share).

Special Mention, Battery Bank:

This nifty little item will keep your phone and iPod from dying when you’re out and about. A minor inconvenience around town, but losing charge in a lecture can turn a double lecture into the longest two hours of your life. Without your phone, you might actually have to pay attention to what’s going on, and nobody wants that…

  1. Printer:

Yet another rather mundane item on the list, and one that might not seem necessary with the printing facilities made available by the University. However, there have been multiple occasions when I have been caught short in terms of printing and have had to disturb one of my housemates. I’m only a Physics student, but for Humanities students, a printer is essential. One student comments, “A printer has been invaluable for last minute assignment printing”. It’s worth investigating the people you are going to be living with and seeing if anyone already owns a printer, after all, you only really need one per flat/house.

  1. Chromecast:

Once you have all of your technology set up, there can be a jungle of wires and cables all over the place. Chromecast can save you the hassle of following a wire from start to finish to see what it is connecting to and enable you to be able to binge Netflix with ease. Just make sure you’re a tad mindful of who you are living with, as others on the same wifi will be able to Chromecast to your devices as well, meaning you could end up with some rather unexpected viewings… That said, Chromecast won’t eliminate your need for plenty of HDMI cables, so don’t go leaving them behind.

Special Mention, Projector:

Although not essential, this nifty piece of technology certainly adds to the student old tradition of binge watching series. At a budget of just £50 you can get something that will transform your small laptop screen to an entire wall, perfect for drinking games with the flat or sitting back after a long day and booting up the Xbox. You’ll survive with one, but you’ll enjoy uni a lot more if you invest in a projector early on.

  1. Speakers:

When I asked other students what the most essential piece of technology was for them, speakers came out on top by a long way. They add a soundtrack to your student life and will help you on your way to an entertaining pres. The debate around speakers revolves around whether you want to get a nifty small set that you can carry easily or get a massive set with some serious bass. Personally, if you’re the go-to flat for pres, then you will want to go big (if you can afford it!). My flatmate last year had speakers so big that it took two of us to move them, and when they were on, the bass reverberated through the whole block. However, we did get quite a few complaints from resident services… If you go down the smaller route, there are plenty of speakers that although small, pack a serious punch. It means that you can easily move from room to room with ease. Whether you go big or small, some high quality speakers are a must.

So there we have it, the essential list of technology that you will need to survive this academic year.  What item would you add?


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