Gadgets to Help You Drink Safely


Unfortunately, in bars and clubs across the globe you have the chance of encountering date rape drugs. Having your favourite alcoholic beverage spiked is a scary possibility to think about, especially when all you want to do is go out and be carefree with your friends. However, getting your drink spiked while you are dancing away your worries sadly does happen, and incidences of drug related sexual assaults are ample.

Therefore, in a bid to tackle the occurrences of sexual assault, over the past five years scientists have been working on a number of gadgets that can alert victims of the presence of these lethal drugs. These gadgets aim to help drinkers feel safer whilst they are out enjoying themselves, as well as reduce the number of assaults.


Firstly, drink coasters that detect the presence of GBH and Ketamine are a great way to test what is in your drink and they can currently be purchased very cheaply from The coaster is a two test device and it is designed with the drink safe message displayed prominently on its centre. It has two test areas that are located in the bottom corners and the instructions for use can be found on the back. With just two splashes of your drink, you can quickly identify whether there is GBH or Ketamine present using these coasters. I for one, will definitely be investing in one of these cheap coasters to pop in my Jesters handbag.

Nail Polish

Up next is my favourite product, drug detecting nail varnish. I personally love painting my nails before a night out, not only does it make me feel more glam but it also gets me in the mood to let my hair down. The brand entitled, ‘Undercover Colours’ have come up with new type of innovative nail varnish that identifies the presence of  date rape drugs through colour change. Who ever would have thought that a cosmetic product could aid your safety on a night out? Despite its pure genius unfortunately due to complications with the FDA it is not currently on sale. But do not fear, the company has received a great deal of funding and global support, so hopefully we will be able to buy this product in the near future and feel safe and glam all at the same time.

Smart Straws

Finally, there are smart straws. Three students from Florida developed a date rape drug detection straw that turns blue in the presence of drugs such as GBH. Now known as the Straw Ladies, these students won first place in the 2017 Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge High School Track and are now seeking patent protection so their product can go on sale to the public.

GPS Alarms

After a woman was raped in the apartments where student Rebecca Pick lived, she decided that something needed to be done to ensure individuals in this awful situation can get instant help. So during her last year of university, Rebecca developed the idea of a simple electronic device that uses a mobile phone to alert police of the GPS where an attack is taking place. Not only does this device alert the police, but it also turns the phone into a recording device ensuring that evidence of the attack can be gathered.

Originally when the device was created, it only had one activation button. However, Pick then decided to change this to two buttons to cut down on the number of false alarms. Although the device is free you do have to pay a monthly service charge, which is your decision, but sadly it may be a worthwhile payment. With this device, not only are the police immediately contacted, but also evidence will be recorded on the device to help your case in any future trials.

Going out and having a drink with your friends is something that you shouldn’t fill you with anxiety or fear. Nevertheless, being wary and urging on the side of caution to double check what you are actually drinking or to have measures in place to help you if situation is to arise is a sensible position to take. I would encourage anyone and everyone to invest in one of these devices. I would hope that there would be no need to use the devices in the first place, but we all know that is not the world we live in just yet, which is why they have been invented in the first place.


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