We Do The Hard Work, So You Don’t Have To…


Each Issue, the Wessex Scene sports editors will be trying out one of the many different sports that the university has to offer and telling you about them here. For our first sport, we attended the Volleyball taster session and trials for both the Men and Women’s teams, along with over another 100 people…

Before going to the session, I had high expectations of my ability. I thought that at 6’1 my height advantage would lend itself to easily towering above the net and ‘spiking’ the ball into the oppositions court. Sadly, it took as little as ten minutes for my hopes to be shattered. There is a lot more technique involved in volleyball than I imagined, and simply being tall proved very little use at all. The trials were run by the existing first teams who taught each of the basic skills of digging, settting and spiking whilst demonstrating their own impressive abilities (see picture far left). Whilst I may not have been invited to join the team on a more permanent basis, the teams are very inclusive and runs a developmental squad for those who had fun and want to work on their skills, the prefect way to involve new people in a sport – Tristan

Despite my impressive display of back-hand volleys, winning slam dunks and nimble agility across the court, I was not asked to become a member University of Southampton’s first team either. Whilst my repressed talent remains undiscovered, the two hours I did spend at the taster session were hugely enjoyable and sociable, the fact that I was a complete novice was no matter. The 1st and 2nd teams were ready to offer plenty of advice and techniques to all 300 students who attended. The sport requires concentration on many levels but it is easy to see how devoted practise leads to improvement and success; we were informed by the coach at the session’s outset that, this time last year, four beginners were welcomed to the team. Those same four players have since gone on to play for England’s national squad! Personally, whilst I think I am better suited to marathons, I won’t say no to another recreational session on a Sunday evening this term! – Naomi


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