Kitesurfing at Southampton University


By Sam Morgan

Kitesurfing is a really young extreme sport – only a couple of dozen kitesurfers were around back in 1998. Since then, it’s become one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world. There’s literally no feeling like cutting through flat water with a kite in your hands and a board on your feet, and taking off through the air feels even better. Southampton University Kitesurfing Club would love you to come and try it out for yourself.

Kitesurfing is super diverse; young guys like Sam Light and Aaron Hadlow (both UK riders) evolve the freestyle side of things, focusing on the tricks – which has great appeal to any skaters, snowboarders, or those that are simple adrenaline junkies who want some sun, sea and sand. Then there are people like Ian Aldredge pushing surfstyle, which means you use the kite to help you catch waves on a more traditional surfboard – which has huge appeal for surfers.

Southampton University Kitesurfing Society is one of the biggest, best and most established kiting clubs in the UK. This year we’re teaming up with a BKSA registered kite school to bring our members professional discount lessons whenever there’s wind – awesome for beginners and anyone who wants to tune up their skills. We also run a massive trip abroad every year, alongside loads of regular UK trips so we can all escape campus and hit the beach.

For those of you who want to get involved, membership is super cheap and you’ll have access to a huge range of kit which is yours to borrow, free of charge, so you can learn the sport before you shell out on a full set of kit. If and when you do, our sponsors will be there to help and give you discount.

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