Women’s Rugby fall to rivals Pompey


The Southampton Women’s Rugby club hosted local rivals Portsmouth University in a friendly fixture at Widelane. The match was organised to help Southampton prepare for their first league match away at Newport next week.

Despite an impressive number of turnovers from hooker Tilly Corrigan and a superbly taken try from Kelly Howard, they went on to lose 26-15.

Nevertheless, club president Katherine George felt that a lot of lessons had been learnt and “for our first proper game of the season I’m really proud of the way we played and with a number of freshers looking settled in the team, I think we have a great foundation for a successful season to come.”

The Women’s Rugby Club are one of the three teams selected for this years Focus sports programme, and Helen Koehane felt that they were already feeling the benefits of their new training scheme “I think we’re already getting much stronger and fitter, obviously it’s tough, but its definitely looking like it’s going to pay off.”


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