Wessex Wednesday’s Week 4 (16th November 2011)


The temperatures and light are beginning to drop, but that didn’t stand between Southampton’s sports teams and another round of BUCS fixtures.

Men’s 1st Team Rugby v Exeter 3s:

Wessex 1st’s Rugby remains undefeated in their march towards promotion after they registered an impressive 40-10 win against Exeter 3rd team. Full match report can be found here.

Women’s 1st Team Rugby v Portsmouth:

Whilst their league season doesn’t start for another week, the Women’s Rugby side hosted a friendly match against Portsmouth. Despite eventually falling to a 26-15 defeat, the senior players still felt that the side would only grow from the experience. Full match report and response can be found here.

Men’s 1st Team Lacrosse v Gloucester:

The men’s Lacrosse side took on Gloucester, however, injuries to key players left the side lacking experience up front and they went on to lose 8-6. Full match report can be found here.

Women’s Hockey 4th- 0 vs Bath 4th- 7

Unfortunately the Ladies 4th Team fell on the wrong side of the 7-0 result. However, there was some great phases and some positive aspects of play which show that this team has a lot of potential. They play Winchester 1st, who are currently 4th in the league on Wednesday 23rd in the hope of moving up from their 7th place.

Women’s Tennis 1st- 2 vs. Cardiff 1st- 10

Elsewhere, the ladies tennis team battled against strong opponents Cardiff 1st team, the ladies are currently 5th in the Western 1A league after mixed results so far this season. They play Bournemouth 1st on Wednesday 23rd.

Mens 3rd Football- 1 vs. Mens 4th Football- 2

Tensions were high on the football pitch as Southampton’s Mens 3rd team played Mens 4th team. The 4th team was formerly entered as the Medics team but have become the Mens 4th team this year, under BUCS instruction. The 4th team gave the 3rds a good game and showed them that they are strong contenders in the BUCS Western 5A league. The 3rd team play Bath Spa 1sts and the 4th team play Winchester 2nd on Wednesday 23rd November.


Women’s Netball 1st- 61 vs. Southampton Solent 1st – 26

This was a huge away win for the girls. Currently 2nd in the Western 2A League, they will play Plymouth 1sts on Wednesday 23rd November.

Women’s Netball 2nd- 18 vs. Plymouth 1st- 24

Currently 6th in the League, this team has a lot of potential which could serve them well in their game this week against Exeter 2nd.

Women’s Netball 3rd- 37 vs. Winchester 1st- 20

Playing away at Winchester this was a great win for the team currently 5th in their league. They play Bath 4th team on Wednesday.

Women’s Netball 4th- 28 vs. University College Plymouth St. Mark and St. John- 22




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