Wessex Wednesdays- Week 6 – 7th December 2011


With the Christmas break just around the corner, the Scene brings you the latest roundup of the past weeks scores.

Women’s Rugby – 19 v Bournemouth University 1st – 15

Southampton Women’s Rugby team came out victorious in a top of the table clash against Bournemouth. Despite a late fightback, Southampton held on and now head the leaderboard.

Women’s 1st Tennis – 10 v Gloucestershire 1st – 2

The Women’s tennis team traveled to Gloucester where they won in impressive fashion in what may well prove to be a crucial fixture come the end of the season. They will go into the Christmas break before taking on Gloucestershire again at Widelane in February.

Men’s 2nd’s Rugby – 32 v Bournemouth 3rd’s – 7

Another big win for the men’s second team, they will hope to take this form into next weeks match against high flying Bristol 3s.

Men’s 2nd’s Badminton – 6 v Bournemouth 1st’s – 2

With both teams undefeated and sitting at first and second in the league, this was set to be a close match in the Western Conference Cup. However, table toppers Southampton proved to be too good and progressed to the next round of the competition, where they will face Exeter Uni’s 2nd team in the last sixteen.

Women’s 1st Table Tennis – 5 v Bath 1st – 0

The Women’s table tennis team inflicted table topping Bath’s first loss of the season, as they narrowed the gap in the Western Conference 1A league.


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