Get Fit or Die Trying


Want to get a first in your exams without losing your stamina for re-starting sport in semester two?  When it comes to juggling work and staying active throughout the week, I hope this ‘fitness diary’ helps!


The most painful day of the week. I found the most productive way of fitting exercise in around revision/course work was to wake up that little bit earlier and go to the gym before I’d even tucked into any uni work. I felt really good by ten o’clock knowing that I’d got a solid half hour of exercise in as well as an hour of work (plus the gym was dead at 8.30am – bliss!). I’m convinced it also gave me an extra boost of energy.


Today I didn’t even have to leave home to exercise as I just rolled out of bed and popped in an exercise DVD in my room – or you could borrow your lounge for half an hour. Raising my heart rate with the company of an authoritative but ever-smiling American lady was worth my housemate getting a bit miffed about my thudding feet through the ceiling. There are loads of DVDs on Amazon, although I’d recommend the 10 Minute Workout collection (you can choose the amount of time you want to spend exercising).


I found my motivation was lagging mid-week so I decided to adopt a gym buddy (in the form of another house mate). Knowing that you’ve committed to going at a certain time with someone else means you’re less likely to wimp out. We swapped exercise tips on the mats and ended up seeing how long we could hold the plank for. Stomach muscles well and truly crunched.


Today I went to a Pilates class at the Jubilee Sports Centre. Even though I’ve been really stressed out by the thought of deadlines, I walked out surrounded by an aura of calm. I’ve tried Aqua Fit in the swimming pool as well (hilarious), which is free, so if you wanted to mix up your exercise regime then that’s your answer. You can pop right back to the library afterwards as well.


We all know it’s important to take a break from work, and unless you’re in a massive panic, it’s probably best not to carry on working in the late evenings. So today I stuffed the taxi and walked to Sobar, there was also plenty of dancing so I’d like to think that worked off a few calories too. I didn’t drink too much so I could start working again on Saturday afternoon.


On Sunday I went for a cycle on the common. Despite the cold it was great to get out of the house, breathe in a bit of fresh air and clear my head. The Cowherds pub on the Avenue is located perfectly for a stop gap. Whilst studying in the afternoon I thought I’d do some exercises at my desk (as you do). I did a few back and waist stretches, and some repetitive clenching of my abs every hour to break up the constant typing.



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