An Interview with… Laura Gottlieb VP Sports Development Candidate


Laura, third year Philosophy student, current President of Tae Kwon Do and the only female contender for this roleĀ talks to the Scene about wearing short shorts, AU forums and why she’s fighting fit for this role.

Why have you decided to run for this position?

I was encouraged to run for this position by someone who thought that I would be good at it having worked with me before. They got me thinking about what I could give to the role and what the job entails.

I realised that I would like to work with people, trying to make things better.

Why is this position important to you?

Personally I think it’s to do with the fact that, oh I don’t want this to sound too corny but I do like the satisfaction you get from helping people. Now I’m the President of the Tae Kwon Do team, it’s something I enjoy a lot more than, for example, some aspects of my course. Being involved and working with people makes me realise that sport is a really big part of my life having done it for my whole life so I know how important it is for other students to play sport and keep healthy.

What can you give to this position that other nominees can’t?

I think the other nominees have a lot of experience with other societies but so do I.

Based on my manifesto I think it comes across that I’m approachable and that means that people who do have suggestions or questions will know who to turn to.

So I think I would be the right person for the job based on that.

How will you build on the work already done by Jonny?

I think I will be able to come up with some more suggestions on how to change the AU. I would like to have an AU forum made up of club secretaries or social secretaries so that everyone can share their ideas. There should also be more awareness of the AU on campus. I have worked alongside Jonny and I’m very enthusiastic about some of the ideas he has already implemented.

What is your main election strategy?

I’m wearing a pair of short shorts for elections week.

But no, just talking to people and being friendly.

Have you any experience working or volunteering for SUSU run organisations?

Since my second year I have helped with organising the Tae Kwon Do team and now I’m President. When I’m involved with something I’m really involved with it which is why I have dedicated so much of my time to Tae Kwon Do.

What do you feel the position will bring to your future career prospects?

I don’t have the motivation to do things to put them on my CV I do them because they strengthen different sides of me and if I care about something. So I think that this role will develop my skills and enable me to work with big organisations and also develop my interpersonal skills.

If you could hold office for one day what would you do?

I’m thinking about having a day when all the sportspeople come to campus and showcase what they do. Kind of like a big sports carnival, that would be fun.


I come from South West London and am studying English at Southampton. I am interested in journalism and considering it as a career after my degree. I have interests in Sports and Music and have written for a sports magazine called Sportsister before. I am keen to get involved in as much as possible whilst at Uni and writing about my experiences could be a very rewarding thing. :)

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