Varsity 2012 Approaches…


This Sunday hundreds of student athletes will gather for the annual Varsity match between Southampton and Portsmouth. Varsity has always been a highlight in the sporting calender and this year is set to be one of the most exciting yet.

Southampton have won the event every year since its conception, however, Portsmouth have become increasingly competitive each tournament, with the winning margin progressively narrowing. Current VP sports development Jonny Brooks states that it is the “biggest event in the sporting calendar. Varsity is the day that every sports club comes together and truly competes with pride and passion.”

Along with representing their respective universities, the competitors also get the chance to show off their sport to a much greater audience than usual. With their pride at stake those taking part are only too aware of the magnitude of Sunday’s derby, SUFC Club Captain Matty Lowman considers it to be the “premier game of the season” whilst 1st team Netball Captain Francesca John believes that”its a great day because it brings all of the teams in Southampton together.” For those in the final year of their degree, the event is also a final chance to play for their team in Southampton colours.

Whilst the rivalry is undoubtedly a massive part of the event, Varsity is a great day out for even the most casual of sports fans, with the general carnival atmosphere proving a hit every year.

Two matches have already been played, with Southampton beating Portsmouth in American Football, whilst Portsmouth won in the horse riding competition. This leaves the current score at 3 – 3, with winning teams taking three points for a victory. The road cycling race is set to take place tomorrow.

If you can’t get down on the day, you can follow the Wessex Scene’s live blog which will run throughout the day or you can tune into SURGE radio. SUSUtv will be covering the day and will release video highlights in the following weeks.

Full fixture list:

Ladies Football Wide Lane 10:00
Lacrosse Mixed Wide Lane 10:00
Ultimate Frisbee Men’s Wide Lane 10:30
Hockey Ladies 2nd Wide Lane 11:00
Netball 4th 1100 Wide Lane 11:00
Tennis Ladies Wide Lane 11:00
Football Men’s 3rd Wide Lane 12:00
Lacrosse Men’s Wide Lane 12:00
Hockey Men’s 2nd Wide Lane 12:15
Netball 3rd 1215 Wide Lane 12:15
Mens 5k relay (Rowing) Wide Lane 12:30
Rugby Women 1st Wide Lane 12:30
Rugby men’s 3rd Wide Lane 12:30
Womens 5k relay (Rowing) Wide Lane 13:00
Softball Wide Lane 13:00
Mens 2K lightweight (Rowing) Wide Lane 13:30
Lacrosse Ladies Wide Lane 13:30
Hockey Ladies 1st Wide Lane 13:30
Netball 2nd 1330 Wide Lane 13:30
Tennis Men’s Wide Lane 13:30
Mens 2K Heavyweight (Rowing) Wide Lane 13:45
Football Men’s 2nd Wide Lane 14:00
Womens 2K Lightweight (Rowing) Wide Lane 14:00
Rugby Men’s 1st Wide Lane 14:00
Rugby mens 2 Wide Lane 14:00
Womens 2K Heavyweight (Rowing) Wide Lane 14:15
Hockey Men’s 1st Wide Lane 14:45
Netball 1st Wide Lane 14:45
Cheerleading Wide Lane 15:00
Football Men’s 1st – Finale Wide Lane 15:30

Swimming Highfield 10:00
Basketball Ladies Highfield 10:00
Trampoline Highfield 10:00
Roller Hockey Highfield 10:00
Squash Men’s 2nd Highfield 10:00
Fencing Men’s Highfield 10:00
Badminton Men’s 1st Highfield 12:00
Basketball Mens Highfield 12:00
Cricket Men’s 2nd Highfield 12:00
Squash Men’s 1st Highfield 12:00
Cricket Ladies 1st Highfield 13:00
Fencing Ladies Highfield 13:00
Badminton Ladies Highfield 13:30
Volleyball Mixed Highfield 14:00
Cricket Men’s 1st Highfield 14:00
Squash Ladies 1st Highfield 14:00
Badminton Men’s 2nd Highfield 15:00
Dodgeball Highfield 15:00
Volleyball Men’s Highfield 15:30


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