Wessex Warm Up in Preparation for Varsity


The weather is warming up, as are Southampton’s athletes in the build up to Varsity this weekend. This Wednesday saw the arrival of lots of Solent teams taking on Southampton in BUCS competitions, Sion Roberts even noted that ‘It’s like a Solent Varsity.’ What better way to prepare for this weekend’s competition against Portsmouth?

Mens 1st Football- 2 v. Solent 1st- 2

Photo courtesy of Chris Nightingale, Solent University

Mens 3rd Football-2 v. 4th team-1

On the Football pitches, the mens 1st team played a highly contested game against Solent and the mens 3rd team played the 4th or the medics team. Club Captain Matt Lowman commented that the 1st team ‘gained a good point in the face of adversity,’ drawing 2-2 with Solent and that the 3rd team ‘did well to come back’ to a 2-1 win against the 4th team. The mens 2nd team game against Solent 2nd was unfortunately called off.

Mens 1st Rugby- 42 v. Bath 3rd- 15

Wessex took the Bath team by storm with tries scored by Beau (2), Fred (2), JC (2) and Burke. It was a fast paced game resulting in a great win and remain at the top of the Western 2A league table.

Womens 1st Rugby- 103 v. Solent- 0

The womens team had an awe-inspiring game against Solent, the score of 103-0 says pretty all that needs to be said about this match. The girls dominated this match from the start with the score at half time being 57-0! This is a team which continues to improve and excel, remaining undefeated and firmly at the top of the Western 2A League Table. Portsmouth, be afraid!

Womens 3rd Hockey- 2 v. Exeter 5th-0

Womens Hockey- 11 v. Solent-0

Mens Hockey 1st- 4 v. Exeter 3rd- 2

Over on the Hockey pitches, Wessex also dominated with some impressive wins against Exeter and Solent.

Womens Netball 3rd- 35 v. Winchester 1st- 29

A strong win ahead of their game against Bournemouth 2nd next Wednesday, the 3rd team are currently 5th in the Western 3A League. Good Effort girls!

And elsewhere at Iffley Road, Oxford,

Mens Badminton 1st- 4 v. Oxford 1st- 4

Currently 2nd in the Premier South League, this team are having a strong season.

Varsity, this Sunday 4th March looks set to be a fantastic event and everyone is welcome to come and support our athletes either at Wide Lane or at the Jubilee Sports Centre. After a win for the Stags, American Football team and an unfortunate loss for the Riding Team, it’s currently 3-3 for Southampton and Portsmouth so get those voices warmed up and those victory dances choreographed, it’s going to be a fantastic showcase for Southampton Sport.





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