University Students’ Aim to Ride 100 Miles a Day for Brain Cancer Research


Two Southampton students are amongst a group aiming to cycle seven hundred miles in just seven days for charity.

Benjamin Greenfield and Tristan Grigalis, who are both in their final year of study at the University, are participating in the ride to raise money and awareness for Brain Tumour Research in memory of seven year old Taylan Rawlinson, who died from a brain tumour in 2009.

The group of five plan to ride the 700 miles between all seven main brain tumour research centres – from Glasgow to Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol, London and finally Portsmouth, starting on Saturday 25th August.

The money will be raised on behalf of Taylan’s Project, formed in 2010, which aims to promote awareness and raise funds for Brain Tumour Research.

Benjaming Greenfield and Tristan Grigalis plan to ride 100 miles a day for charity.

Brain tumours can kill more people under the age of 40 than many forms of cancer, and with 120 forms of tumours diagnosis can prove difficult. The charity is underfunded, and brain tumours receive less than 1% of money spent on cancer research and diagnosis each year.

Benjamin Greenfield said:

 ‘Seven hundred miles in seven days sounds like an epic challenge, especially considering the furthest I have cycled so far on road is 60 miles, so this summer will be spent training in preparation for the trip. But the whole team will encourage each other and knowing it is for such a good cause will keep us motivated the whole way.’

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