The Premier League Returns: Manchester United


Any regular club would still be nursing their wounds after having their arch rivals swipe the Premier League title from their grasp on the final day of the season. Not Manchester United. They consistently challenge for the title year on year and this season is no different, in fact they will be gunning for the top spot harder than before after coming so close last year.

It has been said that in the past couple of seasons United have been going through a transition period, despite this Sir Alex Ferguson’s teams have been some of the most formidable in the division regardless of this supposed ‘transition state’. This season United will be hoping to see Tom Cleverley, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling realise their potential after an average 2011/12 campaign thus easing pressure on the venerable Giggs and Scholes.

Whilst there is young talent developing United have made some impressive signings, earlier this summer the acquisition of Shinji Kagawa from German champions Borussia Dortmund set the serious tone for next season. As if signing one of Europe’s most promising playmakers wasn’t enough, they decided that as well as Wayne Rooney they wanted another brilliant centre forward on the receiving end of Kagawa’s delivery and subsequently signed Robin Van Persie from Arsenal for £24 million.

The arrival of Van Persie sends out a serious message to Chelsea and City, however, there is the possibility that this could be a bark without bite. Van Persie had a phenomenal season last year there is no denying that, but what happens if he returns to his injury plagued ways? What if he ‘does a Torres’? What if he just has an average season? But surrounded by the talent at United it’s quite probable that he will flourish.

Whilst the purchase of ‘RVP’ will be stealing the headlines, United will be pleased to welcome back Namanja Vidic after his long spell on the touchline suffering with ruptured ligaments. The return of their captain will not only instil further belief in the team but fortify their back four to no end.

United won’t be settling for anything short of absolute victory in the league this season and will be aiming to win every match this season, despite their infallible team spirit they will be contending with strong Chelsea and City sides who are just as keen for success and have strengthened themselves during the transfer window. There are others in contention but Manchester United are very likely to be lifting the trophy at the end of this season.


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