Southampton University Ladies Hockey Club: Mid-Season Review


The Southampton University Ladies Hockey Club is the largest club in the Athletic Union boasting over 100+ members competing in the BUCs league and/or Local Hampshire leagues.  We had a huge amount of interest in Hockey at the Bunfight and the new freshers who have joined us have been large contributors to the successful first season with plenty of wins so far!  The committee have worked hard to achieve our club aims and the team captains have all written a little extract about their team’s Wessex adventures so far.

Hockey 1
1st XI


This season has been brilliant for the 1st XI, after promotion into Division One last year, expectations were not too high. However, after more than a few tough battles we currently sit in 2nd position in the new league. One of the most memorable games so far, was away to Cardiff Met (the previous winners of the division), where we fought through to win 1-0 in the last 10 minutes, with a well organised short corner, and a strong strike from Ellie Piper.  So far this season has been fun yet hard work, and we hope to continue our success into the second half of the season.

1st XI Captain, Jo Madeley

 It has been an exciting, tense and undefeated season for the ladies’ 2nd XI thus far in the BUCs league. Starting the season with a smashing 8-0 win against Chichester quickly upped the new team bonding and morale which I believe is a large part to play in our successes, including a confident 7-1 win against Solent 1st. Drawing, however, seems to be something we are a tad too partial to, with two tight draws against Bristol 3rd, both resulting in 4-4 scores. Being unconvincingly knocked out of the cup by Exeter 4th with a 3-2 win, due to them slipping in the last goal in the last 40 seconds, left us very frustrated and more motivated to overtake them in the league.  Regaining the fitness levels lost amongst the Christmas turkey, should allow us to obtain that all important goal difference to leave Wessex 2nd in the high and respectable position that we deserve.

2nd XI Captain, Kathryn Mercer

Hockey 3
3rd XI Team

Well, the 3rd XI turn up in a mass of smiles and giggles without fail to training in the rain, early starts to away games and to their favourite bit, my gruelling fitness sessions. We had a bit of a shaky start to the season but bounced back in style with a tremendous win over Bath and a goal-tastic 8-0 win over Winchester. As the season continues now exams are over, our aim is to keep on this winning track and push for promotion.

3rd XI Captain, Aimee Pink

 The 4th XI have welcomed a large number of freshers this year who have really bonded well with the team and fitted in with the Wessex way of life. We have enjoyed some great successes such as an underdog win, coming out on top of penalty flicks and the odd hat-trick. This semester sees the start of our road tripping adventures where we hope to continue and improve on our results away from home.

4th XI Captain, Bex Smart

 So far, this season has been a great improvement for SULHC 5th XI. We have seen much development and improvement as a team, leading to a couple of wins and progress in our match scores. With the addition of some new freshers, as well as our senior girls, we have had great fun this season and have come together with a real sense of team spirit, which has been reflected in our play. This weekend we battled in one of our tougher matches and won with a 6-5 result.

5th XI Captain, Katie Harris

SULHC’s Indoor side has been thriving as always this season and we have had a good mix of players getting keen for fixtures from within the whole club. We currently sit third in the league after winning the majority of our games and tallying up plenty of goals through a combined effort from everyone who has got involved, with field players even giving goalkeeping a go!

Indoor Captain, Emmie Giles

 The Saturday Squad have been experiencing a mix of results the highlight being our win over Havant 2nd, who were second in the league, and our recent win over third in the league Winchester where the score was 2-1. We are currently fifth in Hampshire Division One and it has been really good to see players from across the club taking part in the Saturday matches!

Saturday Squad Captain, Ellie Piper

Hockey 1
2012 Tour to Lisbon

The mixed hockey team is an amalgamation of the men’s and ladies’ hockey club and invites players of all skill level to play. Mixed promotes the integration of both of the clubs and in the first half of the semester we played in a couple of friendlies.  Last Sunday we played the SUENs and won the match 3-1.  We are playing our first match of the EHB Mixed Tournament this weekend against the Isle of Wight.  We also go on a Mixed tour in May to the Isle of Wight, a weekend filled with hockey, camping and fun.

Mixed Captain, Lucy Lloyd Williams

This week saw the return of the first BUCs matches and so far we are unbeaten with our latest results as follows:

Indoor won 4-1 vs Winchester

Mixed won 3-1 vs. Suens

1st XI won vs. Cardiff 2s 3-2

2nd XI drew 4-4 vs. UWE

4thXI vs. UWE drew 2-2.

In the Hampshire league Sat squad won 3-1 vs. Soton 2s and our beginners team 5th XI won 6-5 vs.  AFHC. There have been plenty of goals this week and so far no losses and the second half of the season is looking promising across all our teams.  We are working hard towards the rest of the league and cup games during training with our newly appointed coach James Morris who will be gearing us towards the hotly anticipated Varsity Day in March.  You can keep up to date with our weekly scores via the BUCs website under the Southampton University Hockey Team Profiles.

                                                Kate Williams, Club Captain

Fundraiser event:

Next Tuesday (12th Feb) we will be holding our annual fundraiser in Jesters.  The theme is 999 and we’d love to see you there and join us on Pancake Day! Find out more information here.

Facebook: /SULHCForTheStag

Twitter: @Wessex_sulhc


Many thanks to all the SULHC members who contributed to this review.






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