10 News Headlines About the CL Final


With the Champions League Final being an all-German one in Wembley, British media will come up with some very nice headlines. I tried my best as well. Read and enjoy and if you have any other ideas, please comment.

El Krautico is coming

– Two weeks ago everyone thought it will be “El Classico” in the final. Now it is “El Krautico” –

The Final in England will be all-German. Picture: thefa.com

UEFA Germians League Final

– The Final needs a new name. –

150 Years of FA – You’re welcome

– The final in Wembley was thought to be the celebration of 150 years of the FA. Now we have to share that with – guess who – the Germans. –

(Daily Mail) UEFA outsourced English CL-Final player jobs to Nazi-Krauts!

– Outrage! The jobs that should be done by mighty English players have been outsourced to the people who lost the war and the World Cup Final 1966. –

(Sun) Wembley gets blitzed

– They came and they blitzed Spain. Now they will come and blitz each other in Wembley.-

(Guardian) The Final showing that the Bundesliga has overtaken Europe – A literary review.

– The author points out that the German system not to have clubs being owned by rich foreigners has clearly worked out. –

(Telegraph) The German Problem – Does money corrupt football?

– The Premier League is just superior. Because it is British. –

(Bild) Wir sind Fußball! (We are football!)

– Deutschland ist einfach besser, geiler und schneller. Die Bundesliga ist jetzt und für immer die Beste Liga des Universums. Spanien, Italien und England können einpacken bei dieser deutschen Dominanz!

(Germany is just better, greater and faster. The Bundesliga is now and forever the best League in the Universe. Spain, Italy and England can pack and go home with this German dominance!) –

(Express) Kraut v Sausage in the CL-Final

– We don’t know what we should hate more –

(BBC 4) Who will win in Wembley? Currywurst or Weißwurst.

– Sausages in Germany have a large regional variety. The Ruhr valley region claims to have invented Currywurst where on the other hand Weißwurst is something very Bavarian. –


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