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With Freshers week well underway there is no better time to experiment and push the limits of your comfort zone by trying a new sport. Southampton offers a huge diversity of different events run at both a university level and through the intramural system, providing many an opportunity they would not have elsewhere. Away from the traditional sports which dominate the winter season such as football, rugby and hockey, university life is just as much about the more obscure forms of exercise. To name but a few, here are five sports and their specific contact details that you were probably unaware you could try your hand at:


What can only be described as a Dutch version of netball and basketball, Korfball unconventionally incorporates both genders as part of the same game. The teams include eight players, four female and four male who take turns in the two different zones of the court. Duals and match ups are defined by gender so a male player would not be able to confront a female player and the aim of the game is to score as many goals through the bottomless hoops at each end of the court. The players cannot vacate their zones until the end of the first half in which they then swap zones with the other eight players on the court.

Korfball originated in the Netherlands
Korfball originated in the Netherlands


Developed during the 1970s in Switzerland, Tchoukball may well be the most obscure sport on the list. At each end of the court there is an object similar to a trampoline which the players use to throw the ball at and score points by rebounding it past the ‘D’. Possibly its strangest rule is that teams can score at both ends so there is no real form of defence or attack. Contact is prohibited and each team composes of seven players. There is also a consistent theme about the games’ rules in that passes before shooting and steps before passing or releasing must not exceed three.


If you fancy emulating the likes of Vince Vaughan and Ben Stiller who made the sport so famous in the 2004 film then Southampton offers you that opportunity. The sole aim of the game is to eliminate the entire opposition team from their half of the court by either striking them with a ball, catching one of their own throws or forcing them out of the court’s boundaries. The sport has received a huge following since its induction at the university and the trials are likely to very popular.


Southampton’s location on the Hampshire coast means it is in close proximity to the local coastal scenery which attracts so many explorers. As more of a hobby, caving entails the negotiation of pitches, squeezes and water and can also involve cave diving.


Potentially the most renowned university sport, Ultimate Frisbee started in America in the mid-20th century and has gone from strength to strength since. Similar to the N Zone in American Football, the aim is to catch the disc in the defined areas at each end of the field. The game consists of four 10 minute quarters and players cannot run with the disc but are allowed to pivot to change direction. If a pass is incomplete, thrown out of play or intercepted then the disc changes hands to the other team.

All five examples listed and many more are likely to have their own specific stalls at the Bunfight on Wednesday 25th September so make sure to pay them a visit if you would like to learn more about how to get involved.


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