Southampton University Sharks vs Swindon Shock


373105_345258805526149_1594165904_nThe University of Southampton Men’s Basketball 1st team (Sharks) are taking on Swindon Shock in their first National League game of the season. The game is at the Jubilee Sports Centre, with tip off starting at 14:00.

The Wessex Scene will be live blogging the event right to you so sit back and enjoy the show!

[liveblog][14:40] Southampton Sharks started strongly, however couldn’t break away with a convincing lead in the first quarter, with Swindon Shock scraping through a 24-22 lead.

[14:42] The Sharks struggle to pull ahead, with loss in possession and failing to follow through with routine opportunities. Sharks 26 – Shock 36

[14:44] Southampton Sharks player Aurélien Toussaint goes down awkwardly on his left knee. He looks to be out of the rest of the game. First aid has come from Jubilee staff – hopefully this injury won’t keep him out for any more games!

[14:47] Sharks player Chris Lloyd (number 15) makes a great block, seen off with a trademark cheeky grin; needless to say he liked it!

[14:50] End of the second quatre. Southampton Sharks are struggling to find some consistency as we have seen them play last year, part and parcel of having a new team with new members. However there have been nuggets of brilliance, hopefully they can close the gap. Current score: Sharks 27 – Shock 38.

[14:55] A wheelchair comes in for injured Sharks player Toussaint – looks like he wont be walking away from this one. Sharks legend Liam Kelly (number 8) comes on and looks to be making an influencial difference at the start of the third quatre. Also in the break a ball hit me in the face while typing… where’s my medic?

[15:00] Some inspirational play from the Sharks, countering with venome and precision to begin closing the gap. However at the Sharks end things get heated, with the ref having to calm things down.

[15:04] The Sharks begin to show some great basketball again, but seem to be losing out on little bits of consistency. Shocks are just sinking more of their chances. Sharks 38 – Shock 49.

[15:07] A great long pass up the court from Club President Toby Plowman (number 4) gives Kelly the chance for a lay up which he mails home. Mid-way through the third quatre; Sharks 40 – Shock 51.

[15:12] Sharks really need to convert more of these chances. Sharks player Toussaint is now being treated by Southampton Ambulance services.

[15:13] Shark Mens 1st Captain Omar (number 6) is subbed on in place of Kelly. Hopefully the fresh legs will make the difference. Come on Sharks! #teamsoton

[15:16] We’re starting the fourth quatre now. Swindon Shock make a lucky lay up (and I mean very lucky). Sharks 42 – Shock 57.

[15:20] Sharks player Toussaint has now been stretchered off by Ambulance services. He looks extremely unhappy at the prospect of an injury setting him back.

2013-10-05 15.19.332013-10-05 15.19.57[15:25] New baby Shark player James (number 11) shows great commitment to keep the Sharks in possession, sliding into the bleachers as he did so. He’s making some good plays to boot. Sharks 49 – Shock 62.

[15:30] Omar scores a great 3 pointer! Sharks 53 – Shock 62.

[15:32] Sharks awared a free throw after an impress counter-attack. They sink one out of the two. Sharks 54 – Shock 62

[15:34] Time out called with 1:26 left in the fourth quatre.

[15:37] We’re back in with a Sharks free throw, one sunk. Now we’re at the other end with Shock getting the same treatment. Sharks 55 – Shock 63.

[15:39] Awesome three pointer from Shark number 5! Sharks 58 – Shock 63.

[15:42] Near enough the end of the game (2.7 seconds left) and we end with a free throw for Shock in the dying embers. Sharks showed great team spirit and grafted to get back but unfortunately left it slightly late and couldn’t get a drop. The score was also effected by the terrible injury to Sharks player Toussaint who is away receiving treatment now. Our best wishes go out to him. The Sharks team have showed what they are capable of and on another day, they could definately have beaten a Swindon side; who haven’t have the same team shake up that university sides like the Sharks face. All in all thought, a good game and something to improve upon. Don’t forget that the Southampton Sharks will be playing Woking Blackhawks Flyers away tomorrow! Final score: Sharks 58 – Shock 65.


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