Southampton Sharks vs Portsmouth Match Report


The University’s Mixed Lacrosse squad was in action this afternoon. Jordan Turner sent us the skinny on the day’s events.

“Our first match of the league kicked off with Southampton Sharks vs our Varsity rivals Portsmouth. We were all very nervous about this match as we knew how aggressive Pompey are and that there was a risk of losing. It was a horrible day for lacrosse, it was very cold, windy and raining but everyone came onto the pitch with confidence and determination.

In the first quarter we started very strong, finishing with 8-0. Our skills were very slick – with accurate passing and catching up and down the pitch. It was the best I have ever seen the team play – everyone was supporting each other and we really were playing as a team.

In the second quarter, our game dipped a bit and we conceded a goal making the score 14-1 at half time to Sharks.

Over the next 2 quarters, we let in another 3 goals and our play became sloppier but we managed to pick ourselves up and score some incredible goals – with special mention to Leigh Moody and Claudia Barker. Leaving the score 27-4 to Sharks.

We really enjoyed the match, Pompey had a good sense of humour and we set the tone for the rest of the league – perhaps we will be able to take the title of South-East Champions once again?”

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