Sports Results Round-Up: Week 3


The 3rd round of results are up for this week; how did your team do?


Men’s Badminton

1sts: Won 6-2 against Bournemouth 1sts

2nds: Won 8-0 against Bristol 2nds


Women’s Badminton

1sts: Lost 6-2 against Bristol 1sts


Men’s Fencing

1sts: Won 135-65 against Swansea


Women’s Fencing

1sts: Lost 135-96 against Bristol


Men’s Football

1sts: Won 2-1 against Bournemouth 1sts (Home)

2nds: Lost 5-2 against Bournemouth 2nds (Home)


Men’s Hockey

1sts: Won 6-3 against Romsey

2nds: Lost 4-1 against Bournemouth 2nds

3rds: Lost 3-0 against Chichester 3rds

4ths: Lost 6-0 against Wimborne 2nds

5ths: Drew 4-4 against Poole 2nds


Women’s Hockey

1sts: Won 3-2 v Gloucestershire 1sts

2nds: Lost 6-0 against Bristol 3rds

3rds: Won 4-0 against Bournemouth 2nds

4ths: Lost 3-1 against Winchester 1sts



1sts: Lost 9-8 against Reading


Men’s Lacrosse

1sts: Won 20-3 against UWE 1sts


Women’s Lacrosse

1sts: Won 21-4 against RAC

2nds: Won 18-1 against UWE


Women’s Netball

1sts: Won 53-3 against Bristol 3rds

2nds: Won 28-23 against UWE 2nds

3rds: Won 21-34 against Bournemouth 2nds

4ths: Won 26-20 against Winchester 1sts


Men’s Squash

1sts: Won 15-0 against Bournemouth 1sts (Overall)

2nds: Lost 13-4 against UWE 3rds (Overall)


Women’s Squash

1sts: Won 9-3 against Bath 2nds (Overall)


If any captains would like their fixture results added, please email with the details.


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